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shaldar 12-13-2006 08:42 PM

Battery draw problem
I have been having a battery draw problem with my 2000 Honda Accord. The battery keeps dying off if the car doesn't run for 6 hours or so. When it is jump started, the alarm goes off! I actually had to take off my horn relay- but the hazards keep blinking - thinking I am trying to steal my car.

I tried taking off fuse #12 in the fuse box (back up. ACC). This shuts off the alarm, but also shuts down all the internal lights, locks, radio etc.

Any way to figure out what is drawing the battery dead (new battery, and my garage checked the alternator-seems fine)? Also - what does the back up ACC fuse do? This might help me troubleshoot further.

Thanks in advance,

sir_nasty 12-13-2006 09:55 PM

RE: Battery draw problem
ok new battery.... when the car is off check the battery voltage and see if anything is drawing off the battery, Perhaps you have a short, your car alarm is doing it, stereo or amp's are a common thing..... any recent electronic/stereo additions to the car?

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