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tiotico 10-17-2013 02:48 AM

Installing '08 CRV radio in my 93 Accord
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I thought I'd upgrade my sound system while I had it out and found a pretty cheap radio/CD/mp3 player from a CRV... it looked about the right size and I thought it would be great if it looked stock. I knew it would be a hassle, but now I'm kinda stumped.
There is a connection I have no idea what it's for. Maybe steering wheel controls? I attaching a picture if anyone can identify. I'm also at a loss about the antenna. I'm assuming I have to buy an adapter to hook up to connection on the left side of unit?
It did not come with the wiring harness that would come out of the dash so I figure I have to either cut one from a salvaged CRV or buy pins I can just hook up directly to the unit. I've ordered the harness that plugs to the wiring from the dash and I thought I could just solder the pins to the wires...Is that an option?
I really can't afford to have it professionally installed and I'd rather rely on the experience of all you creative people out there...:o

keep_hope_alive 10-18-2013 09:31 AM

Yes, you need an adapter and a harness. Metra sells the harness into the radio, you just go to metra-online and enter the info for the donor vehicle. It will be 71-####.

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