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Help me decide (Suggestions)

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Default Help me decide (Suggestions)

Ok here is the deal, I just bought a 98 Honda Accord EX and it came with this:

Kenwood DDX 1770 Head Unit
2 sets of Infinity Perfect 6.1 component speakers (1 set in front, 1 set in rear)
2 Precision Power PCX 4125 Amps
2 Image Dynamics IDMAX 10 inch subs in a Custom box
4 Infinity x-overs of some type (Cant figure out what they are)
high output alternator

Here is what I have from my old car system:

a rockford 1501 BD (1500 watts x 1)
2 Alpine Type R 12" (SWR-1222D) Subs in a box
1 yellow top optima battery
battery isolater
1 farad streetwires cap

The amp and sub combo I had from old car set up has been tried and hits super hard, and super clear.

The car is set up like so: (as far as I can tell from looking at it.

One of the PCX 4125 amps runs 4 channel to run all the Infinity speakers.
The other PCX 4125 amp looks like it runs bridged/mono to run the subs

Here is my dilema: There is like NO room in my trunk and for what this system should sound like bass-wise, I am really un-impressed.

What I have considered doing is this:
Turn the 2 PCX 4125 amps into my component amps (1 PCX 4125 running 2 x 250 for the front left/right components and the other PCX 4125 the same for the rear components)
Squeeze the Rockford 1501BD SOMEWHERE in there and run my type R 12's off that.
The thing is the only way I can see doing this is if I mount the Rockford to the back of the fold down seat and mount the cap in the same area (MAYBE and thats a BIG MAYBE)
If I do this I will still need to figure out where to put the battery box.

My other options are either take out the PCX 4125 that is running the subs now and swap the rockford 1501bd for it which would add some extra space to work with in the trunk, OR just not throw the rockford 1501 BD in at all (Which I would really like to use it to power my type R's as I already know the combo works really well together)

Its really odd thoigh, as it sits, the subs that are in there should be running about 500 watts per sub for a total of 1000 watts. Thing is I turned the gain down on the sub amp because it was running at just over 1/2 gain and felt REALLY hot to the touch. The bass from the subs doesn't hit hard at all now and really didn't hit hard before I turned the gain down. Should I turn the gain back up on that amp to just over 1/2 because the subs now not only fail to hit hard, but have a really fluttery sound that MIGHT be caused by being run underpowered. I have never had my roackford amp feel as warm as that PCX 4125 one while running my subs and it worried me.
Also anyone familiar with these amps, please offer suggestions on thier settings as I am completely new to Precision Power stuff.
I am also trying to figure out the settings on the head unit as far as the EQ goes. All I seem to be able to come up with is fairly decent sound at low/mid volume. When turned up sound becomes lack luster. The mids/tweets sound great, the bass is pathetic both in SPL and quality.

PLEASE someone help feed my addiction by helping me cure my systems ailments.

Thanks in advance.

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Default RE: Help me decide (Suggestions)

Well, I got to make my decision tomarrow so.....
I am leaning towards squeezing in my rockford somewhere to run my 2 type r 12's but thats gonna cost me a pretty penny.
Am I being silly mixing an SPL set up (Bass stuff) with a Sound Quality Set up (The precision Power amps running the inifinity perfect 6.1 (x2) Its not gonna be cheap IF I can get it to fit.
Suggestions please....
I also only have one 1 farad cap. Can it be wired to a distribution block and have the block run to all 3 amps fine? or bad idea? I used to run the cap just for my sub amp and my mid/high amp was capless but it was not a set of 1k watt amps.
To reiterate, the set up I am considering/leaning towards is this:
1 Precision Power PCX amp running 2 x 500 (Gain turned down to like under 1/2 way) to 2 Infinity perfect 6.1's 500 watt max (front)
1 Precision Power PCX amp running 2 x 500 (Gain turned down to like under 1/2 way) to 2 Infinity perfect 6.1's 500 watt max (Rear)
1 Rockford Fosgate 1501 BD amp running 1500 x 1 to 2 Alpine Type R 12's
Hooking up my Battery isolater, Yellow top Optima Battery and 1 Farad Capacitor by streetwires.
Kind of a Sound Quality and SPL hybrid system. (3500 watts or so of quality BOOM! muahahahaha)
Any Suggestions yet?
I was also wondering if the PCX 4125 can be run as a 1000 watt Mono amp some how? If so please explain. ANY help is much appreciated.
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Default RE: Help me decide (Suggestions)

Here is a thought and perhaps this is so obvious you don't need to mention it. What guage of wiring is supplying power to your amp? I would think that 4 guage would be the minimum for this amount of power. Are you runnning top of the line patch cords? Top of the line speaker wire? Sometimes these things can make a difference. What is the voltage output of the preamp outputs?

I would integrate the Fosgate amp for sure! My old Punch 45 still kicks a$$ after 15 years.

Hope this helps.
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Default RE: Help me decide (Suggestions)

ott guage wire supplies ground/power, good speaker wire and stinger dream series rca wires. I was told to use the PPI PCX 4125 Bridged 2 x 500 to my Tye R's recently. Appearently the PPI amp runs cleaner and is rated at a truer rating. I think I'll give the amp a chance and throw my type R's at it with the amp wired correctly (Which it isn't really right now) Its running 250 x 2 stereo into those subs. I am gonna give the 500 x 2 bridged. Hopefully that will make a dif if not the fosgate is proven to run those speakers fine. The thing is if I take out the PPI amp and replace with the fosgate, the appearance of my set up wont be as symetric and clean, also I'd be wasting a really pricey amp by not utilizing it. we shall see monday what happens. I think one of the image dynamic subs is roasted which might be why the amp runs so hot, that and that its trying to run 2 subs in stereo at low pass. I am also going to check into a high output alternator. Any suggestions are more than welcome.
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