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optima batteries

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Default optima batteries

iv heard really good things about optima batteries, but really what are the advantages of them?
im thinking about investing in one since my amp and cathodes seem to drain my battery quickly, but is it worth it?
iv also seen these battery savers from crutchfield that turnoff your accessories right before the battery dies so it'll always have enough to crank.
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Default RE: optima batteries

Dont know too much about them other than the can be set at about a 45degree angel and that they have gel in them instead of plate too rattle and get loose either...I have a yellow top in my family vehicle...

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Default RE: optima batteries

what is the difference between the red, blue, and yellow tops?
Old 10-19-2008, 07:55 PM
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Default RE: optima batteries

red top is supposed to be more for race cars, yellow is supposed to be more for show cars with more electronics and such to power.

The yellow will last longer while powering electronics with the car off, Red offers more cranking power at start up and can withstand higher engine bay temperature than your average battery.

I personally have a yellow top because I used to have subs and all that, but I have since gotten rid of them so I will probably switch to a lightweight racing battery
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Default RE: optima batteries

Red tops are starting batteries, they have a bit more capacity. Yellow tops have a tad bit less capacity but a higher amperage output for heavy electrical loads. Blue tops are marinized for boats. The system your running doesn't really need an upgraded battery. Your battery may just be dieing, or your alternator is dieing. Your sound system is pretty low powered, so if your battery is dieing then something is wrong. Get your battery and alternator checked out. But if you want a new battery I'm a big fan of Oddessy and Optima batteries. I have Oddessys in my boats, and I had my yellow top in my previous car for about two years which I totaled, and put it right into my accord with no problems. So that's a total of 4 years and two cars and she is still going strong.
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Default RE: optima batteries

Yellow top are deep cycle batterys, they are made to run your accesseries longer while the car isnt on. But they take a little longer to charge and dont have the cold cranking amps that the red top has. The red top is just a lot better battery then stock, and blue is marine grade like stated above. Now on a side note ive heard of these batterys lasting a long time but heard of a lot of nightmares with these batterys not lasting at all. These batterys can also be mounted in any position even upside down.
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Default RE: optima batteries

^ Hmm, I've never heard of horror stories. Our Acura MDX had a low-grade (Delphi) battery from the factory, one of their common problems, only lasted 3 years. We replaced it with a red top and I've yet to get a dead battery call from my Mom, lol.

I have a high power system than you and I still have the stock battery in my 99... same system in my 95, stock battery as well. I think your charging system is going bad somewhere. Get both your alternator and battery tested (Free) at a parts store.
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Default RE: optima batteries

Ive heard and seen a lot of bad as well as good mostly in trucks not cars. Also in Consumer report doesnt give them a good mark.
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Default RE: optima batteries

Get your electrical system checked, I've been running multiple amps one a 1000 watt and the other a 1200 multi channel and I just replaced my STOCK battery!!! I have a 94 accord! The guy down at the local shop was amazed. And my alternator is still putting out 14.8 volts to charge the system and take care of everything else.
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Default RE: optima batteries

Several boat mfrs stopped using optimas due to "sudden failure" 15 months out...switched to Odyssey's - The companies that switched were Yellowfin, SeaVee and Intrepid...all top flight mfrs...

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