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Reducing Bass in speakers

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Default RE: Reducing Bass in speakers linked to an equalizer. I have never hooked one up in a car system, but assuming its the same as home, it would essentially have the same impact as turning the bass down, if all speakers (subs and woofers) are hooked up to it. It would just give you a bunch more options. Any mid-high end deck has this kind of stuff internal, though probably not as in-depth.

Now, if you were to only hook up the EQ to the woofers, then you could control them separately.

Alternatively, you may have settings on your amp for hi-pass and lo-pass filters. Applying the hi-pass filter at a certian frequency would pull or eliminate bass from the woofers. See this link.

When I had a setup, I had one 12" sub and 4 woofers. Half the amp drove the sub, the other half drove the woofers. I applied the hi-pass filter to the woofers, and just controlled the bass by adjusting the gain on the side of the amp that drove the sub. Unfortunately, it was not by remote, so I didnt change it that often.
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Default RE: Reducing Bass in speakers

I would recomend several things...first of all, do you have an aftermarket deck? If so most aftermarket decks have a seperate bass control (like the one that smaglik was talking about) but instead of the the amp it controls the amp throught the deck. This would be the simplest doing this you could turn down the bass, which would effect the sub, but then you can turn up the sub through the bass control (different companies call this different things). The other option would be to add a high-pass filter to each of the speaker wires between your deck and the speakers. These can be purchased at a predetermined frequency. Here is a link describing what they do... The link that I followed (original post) would effect different frequencies but not in the way your looking for. Most mid-level and higher speakes that are 2-way or 3-way usually come with a crossover, which is better then a high-pass filter becaue they can be adjusted to match what you want and are designed for the specific speakers that they were purchased with. Hope this helps you out.
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Default RE: Reducing Bass in speakers

The gain on the amp isnt a volume control. Its sole purpose is to match the input signal of the amp with the output signal of the HU. That way, when the HU is at 50% volume, the amp is at 50%. If say you had the gain set too high, the amp could be at 110% when the HU is at 50%. That would cause the amp to clip at which point the amp will send out a horribly distorted signal at double or more the amps rated power. This huge power surge can fry a speaker really quick.

The gain on the amp shouldnt be above the noon position.

As for the bass boost, it doesnt increase all the bass. All it does is raise the level of a certain frequency like say 40 Hz by 6-12 db. This isnt very good either as it causes a response hump and can make the sub sound one note'ish.

The best thing to do is to buy either an EQ or a electronic crossover. A x-over will let you pick cut off points for all your speakers a lot easier and give you a lot more flexibility.

Audiocontrol makes great pieces.
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Default RE: Reducing Bass in speakers

The best option by far is an electronic cross over for your speakers, even better then that would be to amp the speakers and use the built in cross over.
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Default RE: Reducing Bass in speakers

there are also capacitors you can buy that will help, but they dont have quite the capability of a powered crossover
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Default RE: Reducing Bass in speakers

Basically all you would be able to do is reduce the bass on the eq on the deck, which deck do you have? the model number, because you may have crossover controls for specifically for your speakers that dont directly effect the amp output, and just to verify youre wanting to reduce the bass from your indoor speakers/ backdeck speakers, correct?

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