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piston slap

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Default RE: piston slap

smart... I would have left too... here's an article on piston slap http://www.pistonslap.com/whatisit.htm anyway, if you have piston slap then chances are you're burning oil and fouling plugs too, plus most likely a loss in compression.... When was the last time a valve adjustment was done? Does the car do anything besides make that noise at certain times? Can you re-create the noise in neutral at a stand still?
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Default RE: piston slap

ORIGINAL: cbr10rr6
Asst. Service Manager. Told him about the sound then opened the hood and let him hear it firsthand. He immediately nodded and said that it was “piston slap”. OK. “What is piston slap?”, I asked. “It’s the sound of a piston hitting a valve”, he said. “Are you sure?”, I asked. “Or, it could be the sound of the piston hitting the head”, he said. Oh, OK. “Not to worry”, he said, “they all do it; this model engine is notorious for it”.
Your car is an interferance type engine, meaning if your timing belt breaks then the piston is probably going to slap the valve, so you get either a bent valve, a hole in the piston head, or both.... Piston hitting the valve my rear....
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Default RE: piston slap

I can't believe a Honda service manager told you it was the sound of a piston hitting a valve. What a crock of s***. I'd look for a different Honda certified shop.
Let us know if the t-belt job fixes the noise.
You never know, you might not even be experiencing "piston slap." It could be something else. Start using a different filter other than Fram. I have heard bad things about fram on here.I use purolator.Many say the Filtech filters you buy at the Honda dealer are some of the best money can buy. Try putting in some Marvel Mystery oil on your next oil change as well. the noise may even go away completely.
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Default RE: piston slap

MMO is good for lifte noise mainly..... that could be the sound that you are hearing ..... or valve adjustment. Piston slap, pffffff!!! If that were the case, the engine wouldn't perform correctly! You should tell the Service Manager that he needs a new assistant or should at least send this one back to school.
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Hey - did it sound like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HnY5_DKgaAw ? Read the post there too if you don't mind... The noise I'm talking about is hard to pick out on the video because of all the valve lifter noise... It actually sounds worse than that (if that makes sense...)

I've been searching high and low and this noise is being made only when the engine is hot (good and warmed up).

I bought the car with 94,000 miles on it and now have 114,000 -- its been making the noise since I got it (in fact, I first heard it on the way home and thought there was something SERIOUSLY wrong with engine and almost took it back! (in fact, I did take it back to have them take a listen.. and they said it was nothing...) God only knows it didn't do it on the test drive because it wasn't fully warmed up!

makes the noise under light load -- if i'm accelerating normally it doesn't make it, but if I accelerate very slowly between a certain rpm range, i hear it...

ALso, just like you said... in neutral, if i hold the accelerator steady at like 2000 rpms, the noise isnt really there... but if i blurp the gas even only slightly, i hear it!

I've heard of the timing belt tensioner and other stuff that is possible... And my timing belt is now 10,000 miles overdue... I was afraid to change it because i was thinking the noise was a rod bearing or something!!! But after reading your post, i think i might make an appointment to get it changed and the valves adjusted!

one thing that concerns me is that the noise gets quieter when the #3 spark plug wire is removed... (on numbers 1, 2 and 4 I don't think i hear a change... But even still I guess it could be something with one of the valves and a piston?

thank you so much for the reply and I'm so sorry to bother you... (I am just so excited that someone else had something similar!)

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