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I did a drain and refill on the tranny on my 2011 Honda Accord. It has a 4 cylinder and the car has 35,000 miles on it. Super easy job to do, but I have a problem. I refilled with 3 quarts of fluid and its showing that its low.
1. yes the car is on level ground when i check
2. yes i used the DW-1 from the honda dealer
3. yes i ran it down the road to see if it would help
4. yes the engine got to normal operating temp

The service guy at the dealership said that 3 was plenty. I just can't see this being correct. Its not even reaching the rough area on the dip stick that shows the level. What am i missing here?
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Hello Wizz

Welcome to the HAF.. someone with a book (manuel) will come in here and help you with that answer.

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thee is a cold/lower mark and a warm/upper mark ... as the tranny warms up the fluid will rise to the warm/upper
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Yes, I'm checking it with the engine warm ( at operating temp ) and it's not even close to to being where it needs to be. It's not even touching the coarse (rough) area on the dip stick.
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Generally, for the 4 cylinder automatic, 3 quarts is sufficient to bring it within the upper and lower mark. The procedure is to get the car to normal operating temperature, then park the car on level ground. For accurate results, wait about 60 seconds (but no longer than 90 seconds) before checking the dipstick level.

If it is still low, add a little more to bring the level. When I change it, 3 quarts brings it within the marks. But, it is not unheard of where people added a little more.

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Ok. Yea I'm gonna have to add more. No way I can leave it like that.
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I've always said you should believe the dip-stick first. I'm guessing you drained out more than "usual" because either you left it drain longer, maybe it wasn't level while draining, etc. Actual level on the dipstick is more important.

Total capacity is probably about 7 quarts but there's places where fluid hangs out when the car is level.

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