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what are my options? :D

Old 01-14-2010, 07:42 PM
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Default what are my options? :D

2002 v4 sedan lx

will verify engine type tommorow..

if you had a 500 dollar limit.. what would be the first priority upgrades? (performance over cosmetic)
accepting all opinions
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well it really depends on what type of performance youre looking for. do you want to make a little more power or have a better handling and grip? $500 is honestly very little to make much improvement but its a start.

also is this a stick shift or automatic?

for a little more power you can probably get a good intake/filter and possibly a header/muffler. i will admit though this isnt going to do much probably.

if its stick you could try a short shifter upgrade, shorter throws = quicker shifts and makes it funner to drive

youre other option and i would say is the best start on the accords is in the suspension. now 500 wont get a good performance setup easily, unless you do the work yourself and get a good hookup. otherwise you could probably get a sway bar upgrade, strut tower bars, and even try some new bushings(good aftermarket ones).

overall a good combo would be an intake and maybe a good swaybar and,or strut tower bars with your budget. a cheap intake pipe and good AEM dryflow filter will save you some money in this combo as well!
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thanks alot =]! these are the kind of suggestions i like

my car is automatic (although i wish it was manual =/)
i think im going to end up purchasing a new intake to replace my stock one

now im not quite sure what swway bars, strut tower bars, or bushings are but ill be sure to check those out
are bars and bushings related in any way to suspension? sorry im like clueless haha but i figure they are because they're grouped together

so i cant get too far on power upgrades with 500 dollars? only intake and headers
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Your engine (btw it's in-line 4-cylinder, not V-4) breathes kinda well, so intake & exhaust aren't gonna be awesome improvements. Intake & exhaust only help to the extent that the stock stuff is restrictive.

You don't want to make awesome tons of power, because your auto transmission will quickly become the weak link. (quickly becoming broken to give you an excuse to convert to manual)

Stronger "sway" bars increase roll-stiffness (just to be a geek they're more correctly called "anti-roll bars"). So when you go around a corner the car won't lean so much. But the real thing is altering the balance between front roll-stiffness vs. rear roll-stiffness. That affects how the car understeers or oversteers (when you go FAST around corners).

Strut tower bars are structural braces that go between the shock-towers. In the engine compartment above each wheel is a round lump. Imagine a beam bolted on from one side to the other to make them stronger. That's a very subtle improvement that only matters if you take corners REALLY fast. Otherwise they're a cool cosmetic thing that give you an excuse to open the hood & show them off.

All the suspension parts are fastened together with rubber bushings. You can get replacement bushings that are stiffer. More precise steering control along with more vibration noise & harshness (everything has a price).

Think about saving up to get a suspension SYSTEM that all works well together. Getting individual stuff haphazard, you risk making it worse in the meantime before you have ALL the stuff.
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i wanna upgrade my performance
so intake header and mufflers wont be good improvements?
so theres nto too many options for engine upgrades besides a whole new engine
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IH&E will be improvements, but not gawd-awful snap-your-head-back or not even 40 hp improvement.

Lots of options for engine improvements for power, but they're more expensive.
Camshafts & tuning.
Turbo & tuning.
Then after you buy yourself an extra 100 hp, you'll find out that the automatic tranny isn't strong enough.
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Intake and headers/exhaust are only good for not even 10 extra hp. BUT they are good sound improvements. I love the sound of the intake, and it's pretty much the only reason I did it. I also unbolted the muffler to experiment, and it actually cut back on hp a little bit, so I reconnected it.

I think it's unwise to invest in $300 exhaust and things like that unless you wanna get the sound, really. For performance, maybe look into turbos. I almost always stay away from nitrous. Tricky to tune and there is a price to pay for quick easy horsepower. Suspension would be a good idea to start making for a more sporty feel.
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Hahah well here is a small list that will help you out skunkcam gear 95 bucks coldair intake 282 dollars and dropzone coilover kit buck 153 camgear tunes power band ect coldair gives roughly 9 to 12 hp avg coilovers better handling as stated from all the above not alot hp gain but it all adds up
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