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1998 Accord 3.0 v6 idle problem

Old 02-15-2014, 10:22 AM
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Default 1998 Accord 3.0 v6 idle problem

It is pretty cold here 0 to 20 degrees. It turns over fine and starts but then dies.

You have to depress the gas pedal to get it to start and if you keep your foot on the gas it will run if you keep it above about 1,500 rpm and it will rev up ok. If you keep it at 1,500 or more you can drop it in gear (automatic transmission) then you can drive the car along as you don't let the rpms drop below about 1,500.

Check engine light is not on. The main relay does click and the fuel pump runs when the key is turned on. I have tried not releasing the key all the way from the start position thinking the contacts in the ignition switch are bad but that does not help. I also disconnected the electrical connector from the idle air control valve but no change.

I did find that once you get going and it starts to warm up you only have to keep it at 1,000 rpm or so to keep it from dying so as long as you do not let completely off the gas you can drive normally. After it gets completely warmed up it will idle ok.

So I took the throttle body off and cleaned it with carb cleaner tooth brush and a rag. Since I had to take the throttle body off to get to the idle air control valve I replaced it.

So far it starts fine and does not die anymore but it idles a bit high on a cold start about 2,000 but the idle comes down as it warms up. At least that is better than dying. I did not attempt to adjust the idle stop screw.

I would like to do an idle relearn but can't find the procedure for a 1998 3.0. Can anyone help?

Old 02-15-2014, 11:49 AM
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I did not find an "idle relearn" procedure but there is an idle adjustment procedure. Following is summary. Suggests getting a shop e-manual ( to get details:

1)Disconnect evap purge control solenoid valve 2p connector

2) Connect and obd2 scanner w/ tachmeter or other tachometer.

3) Start engine and run at 3k rpm until radiator fans come on.

4) Idle speed should be 680 +/- 50 rpms in P or N.

5) Adjust idle speed screw (about 11 oclock postion on throttle body, right above the throttle plate. Don't turn more than 1/4 turn CW or CCW w/o checking idle speed.

6) Idle for 1 minute w heater fan on high and AC on. Idle speed should stay w/i above spec. Don't adjust idle w/ heater and AC on.

7) Reconnect evap purge control solenoid valve 2p connector.

good luck

Old 02-16-2014, 10:58 AM
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I brought the idle re-learn up on another forum, pretty sure this is the same poster.

The idle re-learn is the same for the 4 and 6 cyl motors in this gen. I think Jim has something on this, it is the last part of the thread you are referencing TX. It is the last part of this:

Now you should force the system to re-learn the idle behavior:
- Allow the engine to cool down completely
- Reset your ECU (different years pull various fuses)
- Start the engine without touching the gas pedal
- Allow it to run & warm up completely without touching the gas pedal
Old 02-16-2014, 01:46 PM
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That procedure came from the Helm book, almost the same for 95 Integra & 98 Accord. But I didn't have the V6 Accord, so I'm assuming it's the same.
Old 02-16-2014, 02:09 PM
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Thanks guys. I will give that a try.
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