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2007 Accord Changing Exhaust Question

Old 03-26-2013, 03:46 PM
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Default 2007 Accord Changing Exhaust Question

I have a few questions on a 2007 accord sedan 4cyl automatic(dont think that matters lol)

Okay first this is what i want out of what im trying to do, I want to put dual twin exhausts on my 4cyl. I dont want 2 huge mufflers that look ricey or whatever people call it. I just want the look of two twin exhausts with the fuel economy of a 4cyl . Similar to the M5 look.

My questions are,

1. should i cut the pipe near the back wheel area just before it bends to the right and have them make a spliter and 2 pipes to each end of the car or should i change the whole exhaust system to a v6 one? im thinking i should just cut the pipe where it bends and change it there since its only a 4 cylinder and im not sure if a v6 exhaust system would fit it properly and plus i just want it for looks. Im assumeing no one gonna notice the exhaust system other than the mechanics that work on my car and myself. Plus ill save a bunch of money.

2. If you suggest i change the whole system, should i get a header aswell? if so would i be able to paint the header blue with some high temp resistant paint, or would that not work/cause problems? i'd like my engine bay to be all blue, black, and silver only.

3. Know any twin exhaust brands that look good similar to say a M3,M5 exhaust. I dont want no GT-R type huge twin exhausts even tho i personally love the look of it(on a GT-R of course). I dont want no huge 4" exhaust thats gonna get me more tickets from the police, i paid $1500+ in tickets in the last year alone for stupid things including loud exhaust.
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I have the same car but a 10.as far as creating your dual exhausts, others can correct me if I'm wrong, but I think you would have to get a y split like the Acura tl's had. I used to have one and that vtec kicked like no other. Headers in my eyes give the most bang for the buck. I hada Megan on my tl gave me about 25 hp. But to be honest dont change anything with the engine it's not worth it bc you got an auto. If anything slam it throw some shoes and low pros tint the windows call it a day.
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Here is what I would do:

Buy 2 Magnaflow 14815 mufflers (pretty much the one all the BMW guys run). Plus they sound great.

Buy a nice long 2.25" inlet/outlet Magnaflow resonator (18" should be good).

Take the car to an exhaust shop and have them bend and weld up piping for the exhaust. This way, the exhaust is the same diameter from the catalytic converter all the way to the mufflers, and you won't have to deal with different size piping, and the issues that go with that.

You could also switch to V6 exhaust, and chop off the stock mufflers for the aftermarket ones, but the stock piping will still be smaller than the new mufflers.
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thanks guys both your advice helps alot i love that muffler hondafreak thats like exactly what im looking for and ya the y split is what i was thinking so thanks guys ill prob do that.

THANKS so much
Old 04-09-2013, 08:10 AM
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Issue with a dual exhaust on a 4 cyl is that you may have to cut the other side of the bumper to match. I wouldnt recommend doing anything to permanent to your car unless its a good mod car.

If you do a header, make sure you wrap it and silicon spray it.

For some people its trial and error to get the exhaust they like. Mine is a frankenstein- ebay, magnaflow, thrush, and flowmaster all on that thing :P
Some buy the entire exhaust one brand and its great.

I just solved my loud exhaust issue. What you wanna do, no matter what exhaust you get is make sure of the quality of the resonator and muffler. I just put a glasspack on my car and it has a beautiful sound but not obnoxiously loud. I wish I had that done when I put the flowmaster on cuz I wasted money having welding done twice.

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