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Headlight Bulbs

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Default RE: Headlight Bulbs

I personally like sylvania silverstar just because I can see so well with them but if you want color I'd go with sylvania blue (not the technicall name but it's close...)
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Default RE: Headlight Bulbs

Hello Member!
Are you still alive and with us?
If so , comon in and post one with us:

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Default RE: Headlight Bulbs

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Is the Sylvania "cool blue" a ricey blue, or does it look nice? anyone?
I know it is a little late for the reply, but I will put it anyway. In my first car, a Toyota Tercel, I had the "Cool Blues". THEY ARE ****!!!!!. Don't waste your money. If you are looking for a purplish white, I would probably try the Eurolite Plasma bulbs. I would go to a aftermarket shop and double check with them, I don't want to recommend a bulb, and then be wrong.I always like the blueish look, so I used to use the Eurolite Xenon bulbs, and then I recently got the 8000k HID's, for high and low beam.
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Default RE: Headlight Bulbs

I bought the bright white bulbs once for my 94 accord way back when...probably 1997 or so...from my dealer. They started goin bad about 6 mos down the road. I was informed that they only had a 90 day warranty because it wasnt a Honda part, even though it was sold by the dealer. Since they were about 4x the cost of the regulay bulbs, I just went back to those.

If were to do anything know, it would be an HID upgrade.
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Default RE: Headlight Bulbs

but is it legal to have it on the street? cause my cousin has his light too bright and the police stop him. can you guys give me some advice on which to get that is legal.
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Default RE: Headlight Bulbs

I would guess that it varies from state to state. Unfortunately, I have no idea what is legal, but I would guess you cant get too far away from the standard colors.

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