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honda nav upgrade in a non-nav vehicle

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Default RE: honda nav upgrade in a non-nav vehicle

I can't help you with harness/wires but I can tell you that NAV uses 4 digit codes.

ORIGINAL: docsid

I have recently bought a used 2003 honda accord ex v6 AT and already put 5k miles on it in 2 months. I am simply loving it. I have plans to upgrade the radio to a navi+radio. I am hoping to install a honda factory navigation unit. I have already bought the navi head unit(that goes into the dash) and the dvd unit(trunk). I need the harness wires. Would someone be so kind as to let me know if I can get it at a non-honda store? The honda people are ripping me off. Also will the installation require a new dash or can I just remove my existing radio unit and replace it with the navi unit coz they pretty much look the same. Also can I get it installed at circuit city or best buy or some other store rather than the honda dealership???? Lastly, IS THE CODE FOR THE NAVIGATION UNIT SAME AS THE CODE FOR THE RADIO, THE GUY WHO SOLD THE UNIT GAVE ME A 4 DIGIT CODE AND I HAVE BEEN HEARING THAT THE CODE IS A 5 DIGIT number? Can someone with a navi accord confirm if the code for the navi is 5 digit or 4 digit.
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Default RE: honda nav upgrade in a non-nav vehicle

You still need the upper vent panel and sub display. There is a guy who will make you a wire harness on eBay for $600 -- at this point I'm still researching how to make one by myself. I will be posting a DIY on my website if I ever figure it out. I do know the guy makes customized connections because its near impossible to find the connectors Honda uses for the head unit and dvd ecu in order to make your own wiring harness.
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Default RE: honda nav upgrade in a non-nav vehicle

I'm progressing along... I've got the head unit, upper vent panel w/ sub display so far. Plus, I've also got a few service manuals the Honda dealers use, but I still need one more to complete the set of 3. Also, I'm waiting for a guy to send me to DVD navigation ECU which I've already paid for, but he is taking his sweet time sending it!!!

I'll be adding info about pin-outs, connectors, how to make the wiring harness once I've learned how to do it myself... and finally, how to install the whole thing into your non-navi 7th gen accord!

Check it out at:

I welcome your comments, so feel free to visit often as I complete this DIY.

Thanks for your interest... its too bad no one did this sooner, would've saved me some time and moolah.

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Default RE: honda nav upgrade in a non-nav vehicle

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Default RE: honda nav upgrade in a non-nav vehicle


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Default RE: honda nav upgrade in a non-nav vehicle

When the battery is disconnected, the internal GPS clock is reset to '0:00'. The clock will reset to the correct time after the system finishes GPS initialization.
Something you should try:
Map Matching
This part of the initialization matches the GPS coordinates with a road on the map screen. To perform this part of the procedure, ensure that the navigation system is displaying a map. Check the 'GPS' icon in the upper left corner of the screen, it should be 'Green' when the vehicle is parked outside, with the correct color labeled DVD installed in the navigation unit. Drive the vehicle on a mapped road shown on the map screen. Do not enter a destination at this time. When the name of the current road you are driving on, appears at the bottom of the screen, the entire procedure is complete. Your system is now ready to use.
Audio-HVAC Subdisplay/Clock Has Wrong Time

NOTE: This applies to ’03–05 Accord EX-Ls and EX V6s with the navigation system.

Is the time on the audio-HVAC subdisplay/clock not matching the time on the audio-HVAC display module? If this is the case, you need to synchronize the two clocks. Here’s how:
1. Press the SETUP button on the display
module. From the Set-up Screen, select
2 or 4. Then select Time zone/clock.
• If the time is off by exactly 1 hour, check
if the daylight savings setting is on or if the
time zone setting is right for your area.
• If the Set-up Screen time matches the
subdisplay/clock time, but both times are
wrong, touch the Reset button on the
screen. This clears any adjustments that your
customer might have made with the + or -
buttons from the Clock adjustment screen.
• If the subdisplay/clock time doesn’t match
the display module time on the Clock
adjustment screen, there could be a
communication problem. Go to step 2.
2. Go into the diagnostic mode (see section 22
of the 2003–2005 Accord S/M for details).

>>> Here is the process for diagnostic mode:

Start-up procedure and Diagnosis Menu There are two ways to enter the diagnostic mode: Connect the SCS connector to the navigation service connector located in the trunk. Turn the ignition switch to the ON (II) position. The display will go directly to the diagnostic menu screen shown below. NOTE: When finished troubleshooting, make sure to remove the SCS connector.[/ol] Turn the ignition switch ON (II). Use the navigation display hard buttons as described below:
A. If the battery has not been disconnected, then press and hold the 3 buttons (Menu, Map/Guide, and Cancel), and keep them pressed for about 5 seconds. The display screen will go directly to the 'Select Diagnosis Items' menu shown below.
B. If the battery was disconnected and reconnected prior to this test, hold down the Menu and Zoom Out buttons at the 'Code' or 'GPS Acquire' screen. The display will go to the 'Navi System Link' screen. Push the joystick to go to the 'Functional Setup menu,' then touch the Return icon to get to the 'Select Diagnosis Items' menu.
NOTE: This only allows access to the diagnostic screens. All other navigation functions are disabled. After the display changes to the Select Diagnosis Items menu, select the item you want to check and the diagnostic will start. To return to the previous screen, select 'RETURN'. Navi System (Link) F-CAN (System link) B-CAN (System link) Monitor Check Unit Check Car Status GPS Information Yaw Rate Tire Calibrate Functional Setup Version[/ul][/ol]>> End diagnostic mode procedure ***this information cost me $20 !

Select Functional Setup, and then H/U Time
Send. Make sure you’ve selected ON, then
touch the Set button. You may need to keep
doing this last action until the H/U time send
completes. If the two clocks still won’t sync,
then go to step 3.
3. Check the 10P connector between the
subdislay/clock and the display module. Look
for loose terminals, and check for any opens
or shorts in the wires. Repair the connector if

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Default RE: honda nav upgrade in a non-nav vehicle


I saw the v6 forum earlier. I found the information to be disorganized and for the most part - incomplete.

My objective is to gather all the information together about the complete install, including the construction of the wire harness with not just pin-outs, but also schematics, wire lengths, where to buy parts, how much to expect to pay, where to route the wiring harness, which connector does what, what the difference between the premium and basic navi head units is, what the part numbers from honda is for parts like, the voice command controls on the steering wheel and the microphone, walkthroughs for takeaparts and basically a complete resource for anyone with a 7th gen accord looking into replacing their radio for a navi. I might even look into what it takes for someone to do the non-dual climate to dual climate swap, which is crucial for adding a navi --- that would come waaaay waaay later. There is alot to know to do this that is found easily in the ETM's, but who wants to go buy an ETM if the entire walkthrough is publicly available? My plan here is to do this swap on my car, and document it completely to save others money and headache.

......but thanks for mentioning it.

I'm still on the hunt for OEM connectors for the system -- I would prefer to avoid modified parts if at all possible. I'm in the early stages of contacting JST, KOWA SEIKI, FURUKAWA, YAWAKI and a few other connector companies I happen to know have or had a relationship with Honda.

If anyone has any information about how to obtain Honda OEM/Aftermarket connectors that fit the navi head unit and dvd ecu , please PLEASE post them here. I am looking for the 10p connector for the sub-display and pretty much every connector that attaches to the dvd ecu in the trunk.
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Default RE: honda nav upgrade in a non-nav vehicle

^ there was a thread where the guy had the step by step diy but I cant seem to find it anymore ever since the upgrade.

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