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speaker wat sould i do???

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Default speaker wat sould i do???

This is an update, sorry that it was hard 2 understand, but thank you for tyring. Well I got my car in June, for my birthday its my first car,so its awesome, but soon after I got it I bought some subwoofers for my trunk, nothing elaborate 10" MA audios with a Ma audio 700watt 2 channel amp and a ported pro box(I wish I wouldve waited before I knew more about them and I wouldve went with jl audios). But my door speakers dont wanna work right only one will play at a time, what I mean by that is only my fronts or only my backs will work. I cant figure out why they do this. But i can pick which ones play by pressing a button on my cd player that says ATT???? But I think the people before me had some major speakers in it because theyre was speaker wire ran and the person that put them in for me said they had atleast 3 amps hooked up and they also disconnected my trunk so it would only open with the key???? i dont kno if u can help me PLEASE do thanks
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Default RE: speaker wat sould i do???

Thats hard to understand. People want to understand you clearly so they will be willing to help, when they have to decifier what you say it is somewhat irritating.

Anyways, you need to track down the wiring and see how the speakers are wired up and make sure none of them are blown. As for the tweeters, were they factory? If not, where were the located? Sounds like it may be easier to rip it all out and do it over.
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Default RE: speaker wat sould i do???

Agreed. Type in English to where the rest of us can understand and we'll do our best to help you.
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Default RE: speaker wat sould i do???


i donated some punctuation to the cause.
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Default RE: speaker wat sould i do??? more than willing to help out but could only understand half of that

I sugges as you sound young, start over, READ about proper wiring and redo the whole thing.

3 amps is common to be able to have
1 amp for highs (tweets)
1 amp for mids/midbass
1 amp dedicated for subs

but who knows what's going on in your car....take some time and trace it all out

start at one end...say left rear speaker and trace that through to where ever it goes.

a easy way to get to know some of your wiring is

a 9 volt battery, leave the speakers hooked up....attach the nin volt to the other end and you will hear a buzzing coming from the speaker......label that clearly for yourself using either some tape or a labeling gun and move onto the next works like a charm and helps you get to know whatever is going on in there and for future if you go to add more, then you are knowing what wire is what, running to which speaker and possibly where it has been run through

hope that helps some
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Default RE: speaker wat sould i do???

sorry about the post I updated it if you wanna try to understand it again and yea I show my age well im only 16
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Default RE: speaker wat sould i do???

ok that's A LOT easier to read! lol!

so when you hit ATT you can switch which speakers are on?

ATT is short for ATTENUATE or a form of are you sure your not just muting a set of speakers?

guessing that you speakers are hooked up to your HU (head unit) directly then?

if you are truly shutting one set off and then able to turn them back on but lose the other deck is messed up.

I would do as I suggested, take a 9volt battery and trace those wires thru....then insure you connections are correct on the deck (meaing using the green/black and green to one set of speakers and so on) and start there
remember when tracing through a car system....start at one end and finishing at the other end....take your time, have some paper so you can "map" your system and figure out what exactly is going on
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Default RE: speaker wat sould i do???

You have the same car as I do! Re-wiring the entire system is pretty easy. The hardest part are the door speakers. I'd start with re-wiring the rear speakers since they are the easiest. The wires can run under the passenger side door trim and into the trunk near the top of the seatbelt. You have to remove a few plastic clip on panels and the rear seat and side of the backrest, but the seat is 2 screws and the side piece is only 1. You could run right on the right side and left on the left, but this is more work and also, you may want to keep the right side for power in case you want an amp later.

If the ATT is really turning speakers on and off, I'd expect problems internal to the head unit, but it's more likely that when you hit the ATT button, you hear the other speakers more clearly, but all work.
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