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Default RE: Subwoofers

All those subs are fine and sealed boxes work best.

Chances are the sub you listened to was either underpowered, overpowered, tuned wrong or in a box way too small for it.

Youre on the right track. Go out and listen to a bunch and pick the one you think sounds best to you.
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Default RE: Subwoofers

I just had a 12" JL Audio put in the trunk of my '03 coupe. 250 watt amp and a custom enclosure( not a box). I'm using the factory sound system and it sounds GREAT!!!
As you wanted not too much, just richer sound. I did loose the use of the fold down space to the trunk but I use the sound every day.
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Default RE: Subwoofers

i think infinity's sound awesome. nice clean bass. like macleod said it may have been the wrong setup for the sub.
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Default RE: Subwoofers

Never ever get a 15 inch wooofer + box. Trust me. Right now i have a 15 inch JL audio and the box in back of my trunk.
Cons: too heavy, too big,waste alot of gas because its heavy, too much power almost blow my bumper out.
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Default RE: Subwoofers

unless you want a lot of bass
i wouldn't go with my bass setup
i love it cuz in my 00' sedan i can put the back seat down
and have more area to move inside the car
and it feels alot louder.
i didn't find a difference in the gas
it's jus like carrying another person in the car...
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Default RE: Subwoofers

i think you should buy some online. way cheaper...

ported boxers are louder and they will last you 2x longer.
if you haev only a box with no port. the bass is creating tension and perssure isnt released while its hitting.

I ported my subs myself and it made a huge difference in sound.
my friend had a smaller box then me 2, 10 inchkickers nd he turned his on full 24/7. the box shifted so much the nail grinded the wood and the box was useless..

depending on subs.. its basically quality i guess.
kickers are more for boom boom bass, while JL audio is very smooth, not as loud but very smooth. nd JL audio is raelly pricey..

as for the subs that were mute, itsprobably cuz the subs were not connected correctly, or a underpowered amp.
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Default RE: Subwoofers

Ported boxes are harder to get to sound right. I've built all 3 types and for a car, I don't think anything more than a sealed box is needed. If you are competing in SPL, that's a different story.

My next custom build is going to be a sealed box with a Kicker L7 8" sub to replace the rear armrest. I plan to power it with a JBL/Crown BPX500.1 amp.
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Default RE: Subwoofers

I am planning on a new box....been reading a lot and haven't decided actually what I am gonna go with just yet.....prefer sealed (and they don't last any less than a ported box which as Falkore24 harder to tune properly) but I have been doing a ton of research and just haven't quite found "the one"....on another forum I used to be on there was a guy who built some amazing boxes and built them for our cars specifically (legend) which was nice....couldn't hear a damn thing outside........till you cracked a window open and then BOOOOOM! and very low volume levels too
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Default RE: Subwoofers

LOL ..... I don't even have a sub right now and I can hear my system from my bedroom with the windows closed.

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