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Default speakers?

I have a 1995 accord ex and a pioneer cqdf903u head unit it's mosfet 50 watt x4 (I don't understand this) but i think that it means that it pushes 50 watts to each speaker? I really don't know so please inform me I would like to put one of these types of speakers in my car

which ones would sound better I like the dual illuminite's because of the glow but the blaupunkt look to be better quality and have more power what would be my best bet
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Default RE: speakers?


Haha... I've never heard of blaupunkt, and for 24 bucks, I guarantee you they are awful. And Dual is a very cheap, "you get what you pay for" brand. Don't let glowing speakers be the reason you buy them.

I'd say spend 60-80 bucks and get something decent, like pioneer or alpine... or even sony xplods.
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Default RE: speakers?

Hmmm did some googling and according to google your stereo is a Panasonic not a Pioneer.
Additionally your stereo puts out 25watts x4 rms...continuous power meaning 6.25 watts per channel...ugh. The 50x4 refers to "peak" power. Below is a quick link to it. It sells for $50 to $98 bucks on ebay. It is a very basic stereo and that is about all you can say about it. Panasonic has a modest reputation but nothing to jump up and down about.

The 50watt x4 power output means each speaker will get roughly 12.5 watts. This is adequate for speakers requiring a small amount of power to drive them. If you use the head unit power to run speakers requiring more power you run the risk of damaging them, and shortening their life span, by using too little power.
Blaupunkt has been around for a long time but their quality reputation is spotty.
Dual is regarded as a low level brand of no particular quality.
I don't recommend either speaker.
I don't recommend buying used speakers, unless you really know the seller and hopefully listen to them before you buy them. Worn out or over pushed speakers sound like crap no matter what brand they are and it is easy to ruin speakers of any quality if you are careless or don't know what you are doing.

You get what you pay for and cheap speakers are no better than the factory originals in a car.
Here is a link to Cruthfield, a well regarded online shop...

I suggest you head to your nearest stereo shops with a sample of your favorite music on cd, ipod, etc. and listen to some speakers rated for your power.

If you are interested in quality sound you first have to decide on a budget, including install costs unless you or a friend/family member are skilled in this area.
Rather than blather on I suggest you check out your local shops and look at some gear. I also suggest you check out this site just to get an idea on where you could go small to large stereo systems.

If you decide on some basic speakers install them and enjoy.
If/when you decide on more we and other members can/will help out.
Keep us informed,
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Default RE: speakers?

JVC's are pretty efficient for low power speakers. Whatever you get, make sure that it is matched to the power of the amp .... in your case, 20-25 RMS and 50 peak.
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Default RE: speakers?

as coverd before 50x4 is peak power, most aftermarket decks are around 15 to 25 watts rms contunous power. there is a new rating that came out in 2006 its called the CEA rating. all amps and decks have to have there TRU power rating on there boxes and in there spec list. so if your shopping aroud thats a good number to look at. both speakers you posted up are junk. my brother inlaw has a 95 with 2 sets of type s 6.5's and it sounds dam good
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Default RE: speakers?

A little on head unit power ratings:

Lies!! All lies!!

A head unit will generally make about 7-10 watts real world power. Yeah I know they claim all kinds of things but theyre limited by their size. Go look at a 50x2 amp and compare its size to a 50x4 HU! The 2 channel amp will be 4 times bigger than the 4 channel HU but the HU claims twice the power.

Now how can they get away with this deceit? Easy - there is a little understood spec that always gets overlooked. Total harmonic distortion or THD. This essentially is how hard the amp is being driven at a given power. Anything under 1% is inaudible and nothing to worry about. For example, an amp that can make 50 watts at .5% THD could make 100 watts but at 2% THD and 150 watts at 4% and so on. Ive seen head unit ratings with a THD at 9% !!! Thats pretty much pure distortion!

Another way they can get away with this is rather than drive all channels at once with a 20-20KHz pink noise, theyll drive a single channel with only a 1 KHz test tone. Now obviously if the HU's amp only has to drive one speaker, it can throw a lot more there, and if it only has to reproduce 1 frequency instead of the 20-20,000 that is in actual music, it can make even more power. So a HU that can do 25 watts like that would barely make 8 or 9 in the real world.

Bottom line is that HU's are a good power source if all youre wanting is to listen to some tunes to keep you occupied while you drive to work. However, if you really like your music and want it to sound as good as it can, youre gonna have to get an amp.
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