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Yeah yeah yeah ,,,,I know that this is waaaaaaaay to easy for most of the members here.. But as you all know this is a forum for Young and Old,,, Man and Women, Experts and Newbiees ..

So this will be for the Newbiees ...

To change the oil and filter ,

First off depending on the model it will take a different amount of oil

4 cylinder NON-VTEC 4 qts
4 cylinder V-TEC 4.5 qts
v6 5 qts

I would reccomend using a Honda filter ( 6-7 dollars ) and a new crush washer( 39 cents ) every single time you remove the oil pan plug . also if you have the extra money I would also reccomend using syntetic oil ( mobil 1 ),,,, if low on cash, just use regular oil, brand name is of no importance ,, if you reside in a cold winter climate use 5w-20 ,, if in a warm ( mild ) winter climate use 10-30 all year around


you will need a 17mm wrench , side cutter, sometimes the crush washer will not come off unless you cut it off , filter removal tool , drain pan to drain the old oil ,funnel ,,at least a blanket so you do not have to crawl on the floor , floor jack and jack stands , rags to wipe your hands ..

Now we can get ( well you can get ) down and dirty .

MAKE SURE car is in Park ( auto) or in gear ( manual) . e-brake on, raise the car up, put jack stands on, remove the 17mm oil pan drain bolt , drain the oil in the pan.. while oil is draining ,remove the old washer install a new washer on the drain bolt when oil is all drained reistall the drain bolt , DO NOT overtighten the bolt ..
if you got an extra 20 dollars you can order this valve and install it in place of the drain plug, this way you never have to remove thew plug and worry about forget to tighten it or overtighten it and messing up the threads on the pan which will lead to future oil leaks from oil pan plug ,,,,, I got a 2003 accord and i installed it on my car on the first oil change If you do decide to install this valve you will need a 19mm open end wrench .
If the oil pan plug threads are worn and stripped, go to our DIY section, there is a write up on How to fix stripped oil pan plug.

As for the filter location , on the 4 cylinders it is located on the middle or rt side back of the block depending on the year , on the v6 on the engine lower rt side ( passanger side ) of the car ..when removing the filter ALWAYS make sure that the old gasket comes with the filter and that it is not stuck on the block , if you install a new filter while the old gasket is still on the block you will have an oil leak.

when installing a new filter put a bit of oil on the new gasket ( thanks mrmookie123 for pointing that out ) just hand tighten it DO NOT use the oil filter tool .once done.wipe off all the excess oil ..
Lower the car and add oil , install oil filler cap, start the car and make sure that there are no leaks ..
Voila' you are done

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