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How to...Power window help

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Default How to...Power window help

Okay so having just recently fixed the power windows in my 94 accord I figured I'd give a quick post on what was wrong/how to fix it....

Door Panel Removal:
1) Remove the screw in the hand hold that's on the armrest (there is a little plastic cover that goes over the top of it that you have to remove first).
2) Next remove the screw that is in the upper right hand side of the armrest (also covered...).
3) Now remove the plastic piece that is on the inside of the mirror, it just pops off so with your window rolled down grab ahold of it and pull it out/off. The last piece to remove is in the upper right hand corner of the door, it's just a little plastic push in piece so just slide a screwdriver underneath it and pop it off.
4) Next, just behind the door handle you use to open the door is another plastic piece to remove. This one just swings out so to speak to reveal a screw, remove that screw.
5) Then pull the whole door handle assembly forward a little bit and out to reveal the metal piece that connects it. There is a clip that holds the metal piece that runs back to the door locks on. Simply rotate it (use a screwdriver to push it back) off the metal piece and lift it up/out to release the whole plastic assembly.
6) Finally, I start at the front of the door panel and wedge my fingers in underneath it, work your way down around the bottom and to the back and just pull out to pop out the little plastic pieces that hold the door on.
7) Now lift the panel up/out of the way (there are a few wires you have to disconnect first and these vary by model....)

The window:
The window motor/regulator is located towards the front of the car inside the door and is held in with 3 bolts (right behind the door regulator in the picture) to remove it you must also remove the track which is held in by 4 bolts two above the post sticking out and two below it. It's also screwed in/attached to the window with two bolts that can be found inside the door at the base of the window. This is the whole power window system, if your windows aren't working at all make sure it's not the switch before you buy a motor.

Now, I had two problems with my windows/motors. On the passenger side my window didn't want to go all the way down and if once in a while it did then for a while it wouldn't go all the way up. When I attempted to operate it I heard a grinding noise of sorts right before it stopped. It turns out that the cable that operates the window lift was frayed and the sound was from when it went into the motor and bound up. Once in a while it would pass through and allow the window to go all the way down then it would bind again on the way up and keep it from going all the way up. I replaced the motor/regulator etc for $85.00 shipped 3 day air from I believe and it carries a lifetime warranty. good company. (Maro also bought his from them and had good results)

The second problem: on my drivers side window it wouldn't roll all the way up even when I tried to lube the track so as I was looking at it I noticed that the front part of the window was somehow going over the top of the rubber piece it was supposed to be behind. What had happened was that the front part of the window came out of that track. To fix it you just need to remove the door panel, remove the speaker (just unscrew all of the screws holding the plastic piece in). then there will be a single bolt to the lower left hand side of the speaker that you just have to loosen/sometimes remove. Roll the window all the way down and then re-insert the window into the track and re-bolt the track in. Now it should operate normally.

Last note: Make sure that you re-cover the space between the door and the door panel where the plastic was (you probably removed it). If you don't you will get more road noise and it will allow dust etc. to suck into the car more easily. As noted by someone else who did it this is sometimes easier to just cut the plastic away and then duct tape it back in place when you're done.

Questions or comments feel free to post em!

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Default RE: How to...Power window help

Here is a post with some additional insight that Maro posted after doing his 96 accord...

I bought the regulator from 1-A AUTO (the place you recommend). I purchased the higher end model with life-time warrenty. the total came to $75.00 or so with shipping. It came in 3 days with no extra shipping cost. It was only about 15 bucks more than the cheaper one, so why not.

as far as the tutorial, a few things come to mind. Of course, I have a 96 and your DIY was written for a 94, both 5th gen, never know.

1. that plastic is annoying, instead of taking it down I simply cut out where I need to get my wrench. I carefully ducked taped it back together when I was done.

2. The two bolts that attach the rail to the window. Getting to that was a bit cumbersome. I had to push the window down by hand, and force it to the bottom. You can easily get to the left bolt through the large opening in the door on the left, but the right bolt has to line up with a tiny small hole on the right. Needed an extension on my wrench to get to that. More cutting of the plastic was required as well.

3. re-installing was a bit awkward as you have to be able to hold the motor up and and placed correctly to fit the bolt holes. I have long arms, but if you don;t, this could be problematic. Once the regulator was in place, I had to turn on my car and "roll down" the piece attached to the rail that bolts to the window. I had to roll it down so it would line up with the small hole so I could re-attach it.

that's really it. You mention the bit about the plastic . I Just threw it out there because that plastic is attached with some nasty old yellow goop that when pulled apart start breaking and getting all over. Easier to cut and re-tape. from the middle.

Your tutorial Rocked! I think you should step by step it, rather than paragraph form though. Like you said, it's all pretty much common sense once yo see how it's bolted in there.

thanks again
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