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2002 4cyl 5spd P1457 and engine issues. help

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Default 2002 4cyl 5spd P1457 and engine issues. help

Okay, as the title says i have a 2002 accord 4cyl 5spdMT it's got just under 93,000 miles on the car. all the factory VIN tags are on everything, never been wrecked or repainted, and only had the usual maintenance done to it, no major work.

Anyway, it's throwing a P1457 EVAP code which i've done a fair amount of research and searching on(including this forum) and have fed all the solenoids in question 12V and they all click, meaning mechanically they function.. there is one solenoid on top of the fuel tank from what i dug up that is a potential problem.. but after the car idles for so long you can hear that one being actuated in a pulsing manner (it's always done this since i bought it, wayyyy before it started throwing this code) which as far as i can tell/dig up is normal..

Also from what i dug up, a bad gas cap would throw a 1456 and NOT the 1457, is this correct?

So, any help on where i should go from here would be great, the CEL is really starting to annoy me.

On to the engine. Firstly, it needs a valve clearance adjustment, and is due for it's timing service according to Honda.. i checked and inspected the timing belt through upper timing cover with a light and small mirror, and it appears to be in quite good condition actually, so for now it's gonna wait.. i don't drive the car enough in a year to really concern me about it, and i have ALL brand new Genuine parts including a water pump and oil seals for next spring.

My main issue with the engine is, it consumes an extremely unacceptable amount of oil, 1 full quart every 1,000 miles or LESS(typically like 600-800 miles and i'm down a quart, and my cousin reported to me (after following me somewhere) that it's "blowin' blue pretty good" so it's obviously burning it.

I've gotten so many mixed answers on this issue from so many people and the internet that i don't know what to think or where to begin anymore..

Anyone know what the most common cause of this generation accord consuming this much oil with only 93k on it? or where i should begin? by the way it's an F23A1 if that makes any difference.

I've been told PCV valve (Replaced it, no change) Valve Stem seals (have them, haven't gotten around to it yet) and Piston Rings..

I was also told that a compression test would not be of any benefit to me because it could/would show good compression with bad oil control rings (makes sense) and i did the GM Top Engine Cleaner thing i dug up on another Honda forum.. soaked for 14 hours.. still no change in oil consumption..

I really need some help here guys..



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You can get that code from an EVAP canister that's cracked, or a vacuum hose in the system that has cracked or come loose. The solenoids are merely a very common failure.

Look for a thread about EVAP system, in the DIY section. Along with the solenoids clicking, you can check that they hold & release vacuum as they're supposed to, and also check the system holds vacuum when it's supposed to.
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