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Help, regular oil or synthetic oil? Many Many Thanks

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Default RE: Help, regular oil or synthetic oil? Many Many Thanks

Did you mean 107,000 ? Any leaks?
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Default RE: Help, regular oil or synthetic oil? Many Many Thanks

If 107K is correct I see no advantage in going synthetic. If good dino oil and regular changes have gotten it this far then why change? I am pro synthetic but I don't feel that you would gain from the added expense at this point.
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Default RE: Help, regular oil or synthetic oil? Many Many Thanks

theres 250k on my car and i only use a true pao base oil in it. if you have been taking care of your car and changing the oil regularly, then now is a great time to switch to a full synthetic, because a motor really should be "broken in" with a regular dino oil, and at 107, the motor is just getting broken in. borrow someones gtech pro and just dump it, then do the same thing after you change your oils with full syn, your q mile will drop 2 tenths at least, youll feel the difference for sure. also your gas mileage will go up at least 2 mpg, and you will be almost completely stopping all friction in your motor. now there are many oils out there that are branded syn but really arnt, like that castrol syntec stuff, thats a dino oil. the two that i know for sure that are pao base are mobil1 and royal purple. the good thing about pao base is the fact that it almost completely stops the formation of sludge in your motor, which can significantly shorten the life of the motor. the chemicals that are created when gas is burned is mixed into your oil everyday that you drive. those chemicals plus the chemicals that are in dino oil create sludge. pao base oil is completely missing those chemicals that are needed to sludge to form.

now if you are one of the many people that have just put gas in your car over the last 100k completely disregard what i have just said. your motor is worse off with syn in it. if this is you then you need to hit wal mart and get some supertech oil straight 50 weight.

otherwise hit up the mobil1 green top, your motor wont pass it as much as the blue top.

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I know this is an old topic to resurrect but the statement about PAO oils and sludge is incorrect according to BITOG. Sludge forms from mixed driving and doesn't appear to have anything to do with the base stock. However, PAO oils often have better detergent/dispersant additives to fight sludge formation.

BITOG: What causes sludge?

As for OP's original question, there is no reason that synthetic oil can't be used in an older engine. Besides better shear-resistance, synthetics also allow longer oil change intervals. I use synthetics in my cars and have my OCIs coincide with tire rotations (10,000 km / 6200 miles). I would stick with the viscosity recommended by your owner's manual but I like using heavy duty engine oils (HDEOs) and my preference is Esso XD-3 Extra 0W-30 (also a PAO oil).

Engine Oil

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actually mobil 1 has a clasification of a 3 base, so it is a highly refined dino oil. theyve gotten a lot of bad stuff becauseof it. in my opinion amsoil is the way to go!
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