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Motor Swap Bolt-ups?

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Default Motor Swap Bolt-ups?

I am considering a motor swap. Possible an H22a1 or F20B. If I would be guess the H22.

I know the stock 5-spd transmission from the predlude will bolt up to the h22. Was courious if the trany from a 95 accord would.

Would the axels bolt up too?

Things i'll need.

-Engine (H22 or F20B)
-Trany (If stock wont fit)(Would LSD be benifical or power loss?)
-Wiring Harness for H22
-New Mounts (Old ones have 160K on them)
-Axels (if stock wont fit)

What am I missing?

The Engine should come with :
Air Conditioning
Power Steering Pump
Down pipe

I will more than likely buy the motor from JDMSource.ca

Unless there is a better/cheaper source?


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Default RE: Motor Swap Bolt-ups?

yes the accord tranny will work, however it will severely slow down your engine. the accord tranny is not geared to go fast. my prelude tranny took .7 off my 1/4 mile time.

I personally have the LSD tranny, but a word to the wise about it is it has notorious 5th gear grind problems.

prelude and accord axles are interchangeable, but prelude ones are stronger.

www.hmotorsonline.com has the best reputation and customer service, however you get what you pay for, and their prices are a little bit higher.

some other things you will need are
prelude radiator hoses
custom exhaust work(although i hear if you use a type SH header it will bolt right up but cant confirm that)

you also are goign to have a real fun time come inspection, unless you want to pay the $1500 more for a OBD2 H22.

you also want to have the timing belt, water pump, spark plugs and wires replaced before you put the motor in, one because its just the smart thing to do, and if you read the fine print most importers warrenties only take affect if you do those things.

i'm sure there are things i am forgetting, but maybe someone else will answer those.
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Default RE: Motor Swap Bolt-ups?

Thanks for the info. It helps alot.

I will definitely get the H22 Axels and Tranny. I will more than likely get the LSD Tranny too.

If I get the motor, Wiring Harness, and ECU. I shouldn't have to rewire the vtec controller or anything should I. I know that friend of mine bought a standard lude and dropped the h22 engine in it, but he had a hell of a time with the vtec controller... Why i am not sure, dont know all the details.

Inspection wise, I am not worried about, the dealership i worked at, a friend of mine will pass it.

Exhaust wise:
I was thinking about getting a pipe/tube bender and making the exhaust on my own. One that will do 2.5" or 3" piping. I shouldn't need to go any bigger Otherwise I'll have it done at a shop somewhere close by.

Anything else to know would be great...

And no.. I don't have access to a lift....
Oh, best way to remove & insert engine....Top or bottom?
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Default RE: Motor Swap Bolt-ups?

i hear out the bottom is the easiest, but you have to have a lift. otherwise i would guess your stuck with pulling it out the top.

also bear in mind the prelude transmission WILL be faster, but your gas mileage will suffer quite a bit.

dont bother switching wiring harnesses, its waaaay more hassle than its worth. just buy a fair quantity of 16 gauge wire from wally world and add to your existing harness. you need to add like 3 wires, rearrange a few on the plug for the ECU, and extend a few too. i would recommend becoming good at soldering if your not already. its not a great idea to use crimps on something that uses electrical resistance/amperage to measure something. (like O2 sensors)
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