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New, building a, wait for it, Accord Ex GT! Mhm. H22 or F22b1?

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Default New, building a, wait for it, Accord Ex GT! Mhm. H22 or F22b1?

Hello! I have a CD5 EX with the lovely F22B1 (that's w/vtec). Lovely why? Because of the sound. It sounds absolutely glorious, like a V8 that's been chopped in half, lost some burble, but gained refinement.
It sounds like a 4-cylinder and v8 and v6 all had a long orgy and a weird 4 cylinder came out. And it has a lovely torque curve, probably because the Vtec kicks in so low, around 4500 rpm.

I want to create a GT car out of this thing. Why? Because as I was driving it around on roadtrips, I noticed it felt really stable at high speeds, and kept getting more and more stable the faster I went, unlike say, a civic. And it's comfy, then there's the sound (I have a home-made cold air thing, it's a lot shorter but in the same location as the original air box, with a pod, and the anti-VTEC noise resonators have been deleted). And it handles well enough, though it needs suspension work.

All in all, I've been planning and researching for months now. I know pretty much everything I need, but I have one big question before I start:

Should I go with the H22 swap or keep the F22B1?

I know that the H22 will be easier to boost, and has more parts, but... all the sounds from it are annoying. Too high pitched, all the time.

I'm aiming for 600whp; I will build the bottom end, suspension, transmission, and adjust the interior as well as some minor details on the exterior before the build, I'm gonna get the JDM fog lights and an SiR lip, with added splitter, and use the holes to duct air to my brakes in front, and to the engine bay and transmission. I am going to get a fan, and fog machine, and then use my electrical engineering skills to bump the fan to go faster, and check out diffuser options, build one of those, get the rear SiR spoiler thing (this: SiRWingAccord.jpg Photo by rival12 Photobucket)
and also make ducting for my rear brakes. A 5 lug conversion using prelude parts, and then TL-S wheels, with wilwood brakes. I'm gonna rip out the interior, look for chassis flex, weld, etc, and even though it's decently stiff already, make it killer.

It's gonna be the most epic 5th gen build ever. A GT car, with ride and comfort, but also a sporting spirit. And around 600whp.

But what heart do I choose?
The burbly f22 or the high-revving h22?

And will a built f22 be able to do this? I've heard things and read on forums that it's possible. But I also want to smooth our power delivery with a twin scroll, and the exhaust ports may be problematic for this, I have heard.

But I don't like the sound of the H22. And don't feel like it would match the GTness I want to build. I think the F22 will be better for a high-speed highway autobahn GT type cruiser. Highways, interstates, and mountain roads. The F22 should, even built up, get slightly better mileage, which since the thing has a small tank, is also important.

The H22 has more torque, but it all starts way high up, whereas the F22 Vtec kicks in at around 4000, 4500 RPM, and has a better torque curve. Which I like.

It'll be easier to build an H22 for sure, and easier to get parts.
But the F22 might be worth it.

And no "put a V6 in it" talk. 4 cylinder is what I want to do, no matter what.

F22? Or H22?

Or... F22A swap? ...

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