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rear balance shaft

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Default RE: rear balance shaft

If the 99 is like a 92, then the rear balnance shaft has only one hole it it, but there are several depressions in the shaftthat can fool you into thinking that there must be several. You're probably using a bolt that is too large a diameter to fit through the hole.Try a muchsmaller bolt to find the hole (you'll know it because it'll go in quitedeep) and then pick a largerone that fits the holewithout being too sloppy.

As for the noise - make sure when you get everything together thatyou adjust belt tensions according to the following Honda procedure:
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Good luck and please let us know how it goes.
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Default RE: rear balance shaft

I assume you've got everything back together, and Icompletely understand why you don't want to take anything apart again. But you say something does not sound right, so you want to investigate and figure out what that might be.

If I were you, I'd check the easy stuff first.

Without taking anything apart, put the engine back at TDC, remove the rear balance shaft access plug/bolt, and try to insert your drill into the shaft. You should be able to push drill waaaay in there. There should be no doubt that you're in the hole in the shaft.

If the shafts are in their proper position, the belts are properly tensioned, but you still have the noise, you're going to have to bite the bullet and investigate further.

You might want to read through this thread:

And this one (where a person also reported a noise that was not there before he did his job):

Let us know if the rear shaft is in its proper position at TDC.
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Default RE: rear balance shaft

Also, if you get a broom handle (wooden) and place it on the water pump and put your ear on the end of it while the car is running it can act like a stethascope of sorts to try and determine where the sound is coming from.... does it sound like a water pump bearing squeel or does it click or what?
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Default RE: rear balance shaft

ORIGINAL: slowncurious
also when I stick the bolt in the hole to line up the shaft I can put it in at least 4 positions this is why I'm so unsure of what I'm doing. There dosen't seem to be one sure way.
There is only one hole that goes all the way through the shaft. What you are sayingtells me that you are using a drill that is too large in diameter to fit into the hole.

Start off withsomething 1/8"in diameterand you'll definitely find the hole. Then you can pick slightly larger bits till you find one thatfits snug.

(BTW, you ARE using the correct access hole in the block, right?)
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Default RE: rear balance shaft

Slow, I did my timing belt last week, and Tony was very , very helpful I want to thank him for assistance and replies in my post.
If you have to take everything apart, make sure that when the bolt is locking the rear shaft you should not be able to spin the gear by hand, it should be locked in place before installing the belt.
Also make sure the front one is aligned up with the mark on the block.
Don't forget to check the tensioners.... they might be making the noise. How many miles does it have ?

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