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Is a Valve Adjust. really necessary?

Old 02-03-2014, 04:18 PM
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Default Is a Valve Adjust. really necessary?

I have a 2004 V6 Accord, close to 112k miles, all stock at the moment other than custom exhaust. According to the recommended maintenance schedule, I've been overdue for a valve adjustment, but is it really all that necessary? I've been told both to service it now, and also to wait until 200k miles. I know Honda's have a history of the exhaust valves tightening up on their own, but how common is it, and is the service really necessary?

Thanks in advance.
Old 02-03-2014, 05:23 PM
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I haven't heard or seen that on the exhaust valves but that is me.

Ok, I'll start a debate. I would only do it when they start to make noise, again this is my personal opinion.

At that age and those miles, I hope the TB has been changed or you are planning to do it soon.....if it has not been done already. 100K miles or seven years is the normal schedule.
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I felt same as PM until I read numerous posts about MDX V6's beginning to miss (P030X) due to excessively tight valves.

I have a hard time envisioning how this (tighter valves causing leakage) could occur due to wear. The only rational explanation I've seen is valve seats "collapsing" to allow valve to seat higher and reduce valve stem/rocker arm clearance. Seems doubtful, but at least it make sense.

I've checked the 94, 4-cyl Accord a couple of times and maybe tweaked one valve adjustment. None were "tighter".

good luck
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Ya, valve adjustment is important. Too tight, and the valve will hang open and burn the valve and or seat.
Old 02-04-2014, 11:50 AM
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Valves too loose will make ticking noises. Honda seems to say things like "if the valves get noisy". But my problem with that is if the valves get too tight they will burn without making the same noise.

But then again, my former 95 Integra GSR called for valve adjustments a lot more often than 100k miles. And they never really went out, so it was more of an exercise in measuring them with very little adjustment needed.

Still, because I'll measure the valve clearance myself (not give it to a shop) I tend to do that kind of thing on a shorter interval anyway.
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The timing belt. Please change it when scheduled. Loose a timing belt and you may need a new engine. MUST the valves be done? I am not a true mechanic, but from experience, I would say yes and no. NO I have owned many cars with valves that made clicking sounds and as long as you drive reasonable you will have no problems. I think NO is a reasonable answer if you are short term short on bucks. YES because it will quiet down the clanking and rattle in the valve area. Yes because you want this car to last a little longer. Yes because you have the time or equipment or money to do this. Warning: know what your doing AND do it when engine cool.
This is just an oppinion
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