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P0430 Code on 04 accord


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Default P0430 Code on 04 accord

help!!! about a month ago I had my check engine light come on and has gone on and off ever since. I have taken it to about 10 different places to have codes ran and to see what each place says needs done. The code is p0430 signaling converter bank 2. I tried the test where you drive about 30 mins on highway and then checking to see if cat converter is glowing red with no red cherry look to it. Each shop states something different. I have been told I need a cat converter, new o2 sensor and one place even stated I may need a new computer. I need an honest answer. There's no change in driving abilities but I do need this fixed before it ruins more than whatever needs fixing already.
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There are a number of "could be" for this.

This could be because of a small exhaust leak, lazy/bad O2 sensor(s) or the cat is done.

So I can't really say which it is. Check for any exhaust leaks. If there are not any I would then try the O2 sensors - both up and down stream. Then there are some "products" that state they clean cat converters - never tried them so I can't say if they really work. Then finally replace the cat.
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Here is a thread regarding P0430. The probability of it being the converter is high.

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