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boosting f23a1 worth it?

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i suppose it could work. people have done it. just beware of the stock compression ratio. If it is already like 11:1, boosting any more than like 4 psi woukd blow it. Most 4cyl N/A engins already have a crazy high compression ratio. my friend's has a 11.9:1 and he tried boosting to 8 psi and the pistons shot out of the block and dented the hood.
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I have heard plenty of testimony that the stock internals can handle up to 8 PSI. I do not have any personal experience though.
You should try looking around on as well. Probably more guys on there that have boosted 4cyl 6th gens
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ok your compression ratio is about 8.9:1 new, so id say maybe 8.5:1 now, so yes a low boost of 6-8psi should be safe an you might get upwards of 250hp. if you really wanna get goin though, you could get forged pistons with really high end rings, some new cylinder heads, and maybe some new valves, and you could prob push 10-14psi and make upwards of 400hp or thereabouts. The only thing is you might make 400hp for a year and have the engine blow. If I were you, I'd upgrade the internals and then boost to nice comfy 8-9psi. Then youd prob have a compression ratio of 11.5 or 12:1 and you'd be pushin the reliability limits of the engine but not crossin the line.
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my opinion stands that turbo-ing up to 6psi with stock internals should be ok. but u might sacrifice a year or two on the engine.

and in my opinion go through greddy and get a whole setup. they will get u the ecu, wire harness, turbo kit, etc. their prices are high but they have great quality. Just say..hey i want _____hp out of a 4banger with ____stock hp and ____displacement. What should I do?

say that and they wil lhelp u...just fill in the numbers
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Originally Posted by jdm_accord View Post
yah better to pay that than getting screwed. hey thanks alot for your help! =]
How did boosting the car go? I just bought one and I'm highly interested in boosting it
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This thread is 5 years old so I highly doubt you will get a response. But Accords like turbos to answer your question.

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