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05 accord ex-r coupe... amp and sub wiring installation help...

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This would be better in the A/V Elect. section, so I'll move it.
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Originally Posted by [email protected] View Post

no rca out on the back of the factory radio... 05 accord ex-r.... so i cut the rca cable and manually mounted it with rear speakers with the harness.... sound is wicked... but audio cuts out after some secs/mins.. depending on the push.... i have to turn off the radio... and turn it on again and then it works... asked a audio tech he told me i need a hi/low convertor before it is sent to the amp.... is that true??? any ideas... i cant find one need a solution asap......
Whoa simmer down there buddy, if your so desperate why not do a little search. Your not the first person to do a simple audio installation in an extremely popular car. The amount of tutorials and instructions are endless. So how about you go do that? Your behavior makes it seem that you feel you have the right for someone else to take the effort of passing down their knowledge to you, without you making any effort at all to learn for yourself. So sorry, your on your own for now.

Did you seriously hook up your RCA's to a high level speaker output? I'm really hoping I misread that, or somehow your amp supports high level through RCAs. Which from your description of what happens, your experiencing major clipping causing your amp to overheat and shut off. If your amp does not have a seperate jack for high level inputs than you need a line out converter (LOC).
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Originally Posted by [email protected] View Post
listen SOB... is that ur username or did i read wrong... im asking for help not ur moms hand... so u can relax down... if you know so much why dont you just give me the right answer.. o yea i forgot ur one of those guys who think they know everything... piece of ****... listen... everyone does their research and yes i did mine.. enuff to know the answer before ur punk *** ever replied... so go **** ur self...

Ok... turns out that in order to pick up the signal from the rear speakers, a hi/low convertor is needed... which will turn the signal to low from the confused msg the amp was getting... the amp does not shut off but the factory radio goes into protection mode and shuts off the volume to prevent damage to speakers.

positive and negative wires gets mouted seperately to the convertor which gets turned into rca output. the gain should not be kept higher then half and the frequency on amp should be kept at 80Hz on an estimate. tune the rest to your own specification and everything should work out... any more probs for others will be happy to write up for help asap.... unlike the guy named SOB
Thank god your offering us your wealth of knowledge, of course you are the guy who wired up RCA's to a high level source. Also thought there is a possibility the stock HU will have low level outputs,had no idea how to do a simple cable run, and couldn't even figure out how to look up a simple tutorial without being told to. Not sure if the last bit is caused by ignorance or just plain laziness. Have fun with your name calling, doesn't bother me any. Especially coming from you. Hope it at least made you feel better, would hate for you to waste all that effort for nothing.

Oh and your amp was not getting a "cunfused signal" just about 30v-40v instead of 2v-8v, but hey what do I know right? Your the expert now that you read a simplistic guide. Please don't confuse my intorerance for ignorance and laziness with narcissim. I'm by no means an expert or have ever claimed to be one. I don't know everything or even what I consider alot. But what I know is leaps and bounds ahead of you... Have a nice day!
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