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2006 Ipod

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Default RE: 2006 Ipod

I've been researching the Honda Music Link for IPOD as I just picked up a 2006 Honda Accord EX-L with Navi. I found these to PDFs which were helpful in

1. Seeing how it is installed:

2. Seeing how it works:

From here:

Personally, I am less than impressed with it. Especially considering the Navi would make an awesome interface for browsing artists/albums/playlists etc. They have the opportunity to make something killer like the pioneer or other systems that let you browse. The whole adding playlists for the speech feedback is a bad idea. i have a ton of artists and I'm pretty sure the system would create about 100,000 playlists, not cool...

So, my next question is this: Does anyone know if my navi system will support an AUX connection that I could feed my iPod into? I think I'd rather use the iPod interface than fight my way through the Honda Music Link system. OR, I'd love to hear if someone knows a better solution.
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Default RE: 2006 Ipod

You should be able to intergate and use your Ipod into the accord. I have a friend that has a 05 and he plays his Ipod in his car. I will give him a call and find out what his set up is. I should get an answer by tomorrow. So until then.....
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Default RE: 2006 Ipod

Okay just in general regardless whether you have a navi or not, you can play your ipod through your oem deck. If your deck has pre-outs for auxilary then you are able to connect an rca cable that has a jack at the end for your ipod. So the cable will look like a "Y" cable with the end that has two connecting to the pre-outs and the one end to your ipod. BINGO. Another cheap route yoy can do is to simply purchase a peripheral car adapter which will allow you to use your existing deck and make a connection directly to your ipod. There are many routes you can take and the only limitations really is your wallet. Hope this helps but visit

which is crutchfields site that offers various types of ipod connections for your vehicle. HOPE THIS HELPS OUT
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Default RE: 2006 Ipod

wow, thanks for looking into that for me.

I wasn't too hot on mounting anything extra in my car.

I did, however, find something I think will work for me I hope. It is called the Neo iOn.

I should have it Tuesday and will install it Wednesday night. I'll let you know how it goes.

The device is supposed to provide steering wheel controls AND let you use the iPod's controls to browse (huge advantage over Honda Music Link). They think I'll need to give up my XM radio, which sucks, but I'd rather have my iPod. I'll let you know how it goes!
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Default RE: 2006 Ipod

Well, as of right now I am waiting to install it because I have a small issue with the people over at that I hope to get resolved soon. I"ll keep you posted, don't worry.

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Default RE: 2006 Ipod

Hi Everyone-

The Neo iOn I ordered from is awesome. It took me a couple hours to install into my 2006 Accord EX-L with Navi (XM & 6 disc in-dash cd changer) mainly because I was being overly cautious getting to the stereo, but the product installation itself was very easy.

The hardest steps were taking out the big storage bin under the cd changer (totally awkward) and deciding where to route the iPod & AUX cables (the Neo iOn has an AUX port in addition to the iPod port). I found this Honda document (installation for the Honda Music Link) very helpful:

As well as these sites:

The best part about my install? EVERYTHING works!

6 Disc In-Dash CD Changer
Additional AUX input (on Neo iOn) for DVD, other MP3 players, laptop, etc.

I have no sound bleeding/engine hum or low volume problems for XM. I am totally satisfied. I'm guessing Honda made a change to the 2006 models that fixes the aforementioned problems (probably because they were releasing the Honda Music Link).

I can control track & volume via steering wheel controls & dash controls. My iPod remains unlocked so I can browse playlists/artists/albums/songs/podcasts etc. I love it! The only thing better than this I can imagine would be for Honda to make an interface that replicated the iPod through the Navi screen (I can dream can't I?).

Aside from removing the standard stuff (trim around gear shift, "Not-An-Ashtray," and storage bin), all i had to do was add a splitter. The plugs I needed to disconnect were located directly to the left of the cd changer (so I didn't have to remove anything besides the parts mentioned above). Here is the splitter I used (although I bought it from I believe you can get this at any Honda Parts dealer (Part number 08A31-0F1-000):

after adding the splitter, i plugged the Neo iOn into the other open end of the splitter and that was it. I tested it and it sounded great. I ran the dock connector through my "not an ashtray" and the AUX cord under the panel on the drivers side (so it hides under the seat). I put everything back together am loving it.

All that being said, i feel it necessary to point this out:

The Neo iOn I ordered "appears" to be the exact same as this product:

They also have an older version that may work better with other cars:

Mine had a Neo iOn sticker over the top covering up the fact it was a USA*SPEC PA11-HON2. I found this distressing at first (obviously I felt that I overpaid by $80), so I contacted the people at

Before I continue, I have to say that the customer service at is awesome. When I first thought about buying the product, the sales rep got back to me really fast and answered all my questions. When this issue came up, it took a few days for them to get back to me, BUT they offered to refund the difference in cost. I find that very professional and am totally satisfied with

So, I was told by the representative that they contacted the manufacturer (Neo) and that despite the fact it looked the same, that the "boards & chips" inside were different. I cannot validate this, but I thought you would want to know.

Overall, I love my setup and highly recommend

I hope this helps everyone else!

My next project, figure out how to use my Navi as a DVD screen

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