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Car Security??

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Default Car Security??

I have a Viper 791XV Alarm, and was wondering what else I can do to secure my car's safety. Whenever I park my car I always put on a steering wheel lock, put my headunit away, and arm my alarm. Are there any other locks I can get?
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Default RE: Car Security??

you could get a killswitch. its a hidden switch that only you know where it is, it kills all power to the car when its off, and uve gotta flip it on whnever you get back to ur car. ive got one in mine. ask a guy at an electronics/alarm place about em.
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Default RE: Car Security??

dude i think uve got more than enough security....just get a couple of snakes and throw them in your car durin the night hahaha
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Default RE: Car Security??

In my last car I had a Clifford RSX, either the alarm was a POS or it was installed wrong. A few of the sensors wouldn't,t always trip like my hood, or battery disconnect sensor. The thing I had always wanted to do was install four alarm sirens, or even a couple air horns just constantly going off INSIDE the car. I hope that would be so ridiculously loud who ever was trying to break in wouldn't be able to be in it long enough to steal anything or the car. Now I know they would try and disconnect the battery, but I had two batteries and I doubt they would find the second one in the rear.
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Default RE: Car Security??

u have a good bit of security, but i also agree with a kill switch. but i don't know if that would kill da power of your alarms also can be found at www.summitracing also there are lights sold on ebay that come in red/blue and flashs when there is a vibration to your door.I think it has a censor that goes in door panel.
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Default RE: Car Security??

you could install a proximity sensor. If a person even gets near your car, it'll start to go off. There's all kinds of sensors you can buy, glass breakage sensor, and even an air pressure sensor that measures the air pressure so when someone opens the door while the car is locked, it'll go off.As for the alarm inside, directed electronics makes a small siren to put inside the cab. all these products are from directed electonics. hope this helps.
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Default RE: Car Security??

granted those triggers are great technology, butive found (from experience) that most people find them more annoying than anything, exp. the proximity with the 791 the remote beeps constantly from anything to likesaidpreviouslyif someone stands next to your car oranother car isparked a little too close, or i once even saw the extreme cases of big bugs and birds setting them off, or making warning chirps. and the glass sensor works great if you dont have tinted windows. im not saying that these are bad things i just have been told that your alarm going off everytime you park at the mall gets so common that they just quit checking on their car and miss it when someone really does break not trying to be rude or anything, but as an installer i found out that if someone is going to break into your car their gonna do it whether or not you have an alarm, and most radios can be stolen in the time it takes you to run out of a store to your car. the alarm may stop the car from being stolen but usually not the stuff inside. do you have an aftermarket radio?
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Default RE: Car Security??

the best security is comprehensive coverage with a low deductible.

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