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Modifying Area Under Dash? 5th Gen

Old 02-10-2015, 11:33 PM
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Default Modifying Area Under Dash? 5th Gen


I plan to modify the area under the dash (circled in this picture) to accommodate a pair of 6.5" speakers .

Anyone know if this is viable? I couldn't find in the manual what's in that area of the car.


P.S. I can *easily* reposition the cigarette lighter if need be; don't have an ash tray in my car.

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I'm not the best audio person but can I ask why there?

I can't remember how much room is behind there so it might not be a "flush" mount....but anything is possible.

I did move this to the Audio section and KHA might have some more....better info that I could ever give.
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there is not much room under there,,brackets and such,, i had mine apart,, i would look elsewhere to put audio ,,good luck.
Old 02-12-2015, 10:35 PM
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what i want to do to a 5th gen is put a 10" sub there in the dash. with the A/C controls up high already, it just requires relocating the radio - or just running a tablet.

you'll have to fabricate a new lower dash piece from scratch, and you'll want the speakers in a sealed airspace (separate for each side). totally doable with wood ribs and fiberglass.

people have just cut holes and mounted speakers but without rear airspace control it's just going result in a lot of phase interference.
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Thanks for the replies.

To shed more light on this, the reason I want to put a pair of woofers (6.5") in that area is simply to avoid not putting them in the doors (doors rattle, buzz, resonate etc and preventing this takes a lot of effort/materials; this is an experimental build).

I have fabrication experience working with wood, fiberglass, plastic and metal, so I should be okay with making everything fit nicely (plus I have access to a 3D printer).

The speakers I'm using are pretty shallow (about 2" each) so depth is so much of a concern. I'm more interested in whether that space will comfortable accommodate two 6.5"x2" "cylinders" that are the speakers. As woody31 pointed out, there are brackets etc in that area. Can these be removed safely? As I mentioned, I don't have a headunit and I can easily relocate the cigarette lighter (not important in the first place), so that entire area should be equipment-free.

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Keep-Hope-Alive is our stereo Guru, he will get your idea all set in for you, he's really good at it.

Old 02-16-2015, 11:40 PM
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the issue you will have is that you are giving the woofers very little airspace, which will cause peaky response with little to no bass output. a properly treated door allows for good bass output.

only using the center console will destroy any left-right sound stage and you'll only hear one speaker from either seat. would you just run mono?

properly treated doors take some effort, but much less than a custom center console.

most of the brackets in there are for the center console itself. any braces for safety would be obvious due to thickness and would need to remain but you can build around them. you can do it, but i'm not sure you'll be happy with the results.
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