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Need help with amp selection

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Default Need help with amp selection

Im looking at two subs from Rockford Fosgate to put in the back of my 95 accord...i was wondering if it is possible to hook up my back two speakers (which are brand new Infinity Reference 6x9's) and those two subs with the same amp..thanks
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Default RE: Need help with amp selection

Depending on what type of amp you get that is entirely possible.... I think you'd just need to get a 4 channel amp or use a 2 channel and wire it differently but I do know that it is possible but unfortunatly I don't know enough about audio to recommend an amp off the top of my head...
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Default RE: Need help with amp selection

you can use one amp, but......

If I remember this correctly. You need amp that I think they call tri-mode(?). You wire your 6x9's like normal then you bridge your subs like you would monoand use passive crossover for them and 6x9's.Depending on ampI thinkthe impedance of the sub would be 4 ohms total so both of your subswould be 8 ohm and then when put in parallel it would be 4ohm.Not sure of amps today that can do that (I know, sounds funny but I don't keep up with current audio and I'm going off of what I remember from early '90s). You may have to google this [8D]

The 1st Rockford Fosgate punch amps could do this. Remember guy having a Punch 45 running5 1/4" seperates and two 12" subs and it was absoluty awesome sounding.

*edit* I guess tri mode is still alive according to FAQ from Crutchfields website:

Q: How can I drive a pair of speakers and a subwoofer with a single car audio amplifier?
A: One of the keys to getting the most out of your audio investment is choosing gear that will go to work for you now, and won't become obsolete as your system grows. Most car audio amplifiers boast a design flexible enough to keep them in the game as your set-up expands.
If you go with a 4-channel amplifier, powering a pair of front speakers and a subwoofer is a breeze. You'll simply want to run your amp in what we call "true" 3-channel mode. To do this, bridge the rear channels to power your subwoofer, while the front channels drive the pair of regular stereo speakers. Bridging the rear channels means combining them in mono mode to create a single channel. Choose an amp that lets you engage a built-in, low-pass filter on this bridged channel. The crossover, along with the increased output from the mono channel, makes this an ideal way to power your sub.
As your system grows, you may dedicate a separate amplifier to your sub. At that time, you could add another pair of stereo speakers for rear fill, and run your 4-channel amp in stereo mode.

But what if you're starting out with just a simple two-channel amp and you still want to power a pair of stereo speakers and a sub? No problem. That's where a feature known as "Tri-way mode" (or "Tri-Mode") kicks in. You'll notice that virtually all the amplifiers on our website and in our catalog are described as "Tri-way capable." That means you can attach a Tri-way crossover to a pair of stereo amplifier channels to produce three channels — two stereo channels for front speakers, and one mixed-mono channel for your sub.
The Tri-way crossover is actually a special kind of passive crossover network. It applies a high-pass filter (typically at around 100 Hz) to each of your amplifier's stereo channels, sending the information above the crossover point straight to your stereo speakers. It also combines the low-frequency information from each of these channels into a single, mixed mono channel, which is sent to your sub. As is the case when you bridge an amplifier, the mono channel delivers more output than the stereo pair.
If you're about to purchase an amplifier, you'll get the most value by purchasing one that can run in true 3-channel mode. If your goal is to eventually own a high-performance "audiophile" car audio system, you'll want the performance and features that these amps typically provide. You'll be able to adjust the volume of the sub, and in most cases, the frequency of a built-in electronic crossover, as well. You give up these conveniences when you go Tri-way.
But while Tri-way mode doesn't give you the degree of control or performance that a true 3-channel system provides, it is an affordable, effective way to get the most out of a budget system built around a single amp. And because Tri-way crossovers are relatively inexpensive, if you decide to add more amplifiers and reconfigure your system later on, you won't be out a huge investment.
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Default RE: Need help with amp selection

ORIGINAL: ohsmustangs09

Im looking at two subs from Rockford Fosgate to put in the back of my 95 accord...i was wondering if it is possible to hook up my back two speakers (which are brand new Infinity Reference 6x9's) and those two subs with the same amp..thanks
What about your front speakers? Will the rear not over-power your fronts completely.

Will you be driving the fronts off your h/u?
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Default RE: Need help with amp selection

I would buy a 2 channel amp from Rockford... and hook it up 1 ohm and just hook up ur 6X9s to ur head unit... Most head units these days are 45X4 or 50X4 Neways which is plenty to power a set of 6x9s... If u dont wanna do that pick up a seprate 4 channel amp and hook up not only ur 6X9s but also ur front speakers... that will sound much better and cheaper then buying a 4 channel amp powerful enough to push some Rockfords... especially if u end up getting power series Rockford speakers which usually RMS ~1000W Good Luck... ask your local car audio shop for details on wiring options...
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