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Newbie, need suggestion on improving car sound

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Default Newbie, need suggestion on improving car sound

Hi All,

I am a newbie to this forum as well as trying to work on my car. I have 2006 Honda Accord EX model without dual climate control & navigation. I want to upgrade my car audio. I am not an enthusiast but just looking to have much cleaner and crisper sound coming from my car speakers. I have done some research at crutchfield and figured out that changing the head unit and front speakers are the most important thing in improving car audio.

So, I have already ordered Kenwood KDC x696 from crutchfield and will install it over this weekend.

Next thing on the agenda will be upgrading the stock factory speakers.I would need some recommendations on getting some decent speakers for the front. I would also need some guidance on how to properly install them. I have been reading on various forums that installing the speakers proper way are quite important to getting the benefit of better speakers. So my questions to you are :-

1. Any suggestions for front mounted speakers in $150-180 price range.
a. Any coaxial speakers that would be close to components speakers - I have been looking at polk audio db 651s (fits the accord according to crutchfield), JL audio has some coaxial speakers in 150 price range but I dont know if they would fit.
b. If I use coxial speakers, can I leave factor tweeters installed as is. What are the pros and cons.
b. If not, what good component speakers in the price range I mentioned. I have looked at Focals 165, MB quartz but not sure if they will fit. Crutchfield site recommends kicker DS 6.2
2. For component speakers, I would prefer to install the tweeters at the factory locations. Where to install the crossovers.
3. I am not a very heavy bass person, I usually listen to country and international vocal stuff. So, I am not sure if I will ever want to install a subwoofer.
4. If I do not install subwoofer, do you recommend any rear speaker to help improve the sound in the car and add a little bit of bass in the car (in upto $100 range).
5. I would prefer not to instal an amplifier and try to use the current vehicle wiring, so that i can avoid routing the wiring (again I am new to this and do not have much exp in working on cars.
6 Any special setup instructions. i.e mounting the front speakers to the door panel - damping material and adapter to mount the speakers.

Your help is much appreciated. Thanks for your comments in advance.

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i strongly advise against coaxial speakers.

components that reuse factory locations are the right move. Hybrid Audio Technologies Imagine I61-2 is my #1 recommendation in the $200 price range. The crossover for the tweeter is a simple series capacitor that could be relocated to the tweeter (just like factory does). the Imagine tweeters can be mounted coaxially or separate with a phase plug in their place.

Name:  HATimagineI61-2002.jpg
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only trick is modifying the factory tweeter grill to accept the new tweeter. spheres would be much, much more satisfying. you could simply rear mount the new tweeter - which won't sound as good as flush mounting with supplied hardware.

you don't need a sub if you properly seal the new speaker. you need to seal against the factory door panel/grill. this seal is crucial.

you won't find much for $100 that is worthy of a rear deck. the factory woofers will suffice if you can low-pass them. even a 200Hz low pass passive filter will do wonders. you can get an in-line passive low pass filter from Parts Express.
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picture of the tweeter capacitor. you can either relocate this, or buy a matching value from Parts Express for a few bucks (i recommend the latter option)

there are several tweeter mounting options, flush or angled or surface.
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if it were me, i'd angle mount the tweeters in the dash corners or apillars - aiming at you. i have found it superior to factory "facing up" aiming. tweeter position and aiming is crucial. you can test locations and positions yourself with velcro. you'll find huge differences in sound and sound stage.
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personal opinion is if you arent going to am them, dont waste the time or money replacing them.
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Thanks a lot for your detailed post. I have read grt things about HAT Imagines in various forums.I do have a couple of questions moving forward.
1. Is there another set of speakers that you would recommed in sub-170$ range. The imagines are $250 and they are overstretching my budget (dont see much green while in school). My initial budget was $300, I
spent half of it on a decent HU so that I can upgrade other parts later if needed.I have been reading good things about FOcal 165A1, Image Dynamics CTX65CS, Massive Audio CK6V, Pioneer TS-D720C / 1720C etc. They are all in my price range for now.
2. I believe I would try to angle mount the tweeter on top of the factory grill as per your suggestiong.
3. Next question I have is regarding an external amplifier. If the external amp makes tonnes of difference, I can prob cough up another 100$ to get an amp, I will prob try to find 2nd hand. Do you recommend that. Is there a build post for routing the wires without tearing too much of the vehicle if I install the amplifier. Butt, is there a chance of blowing up rear speakers on external amp ???

Thanks again,

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if you feed the rear speakers too much power you can blow them. I am not entirely sure of what the factory power handleing capabilities are, but if you are affraid of blowing the rears dont amp the rears. just amp the new ones. check KHA's build log on sound domain numerous pics on how to run wire.

but it is quite simple if you dont want to tear the car apart.
1. pull trim pannels
2. pull wire.
3. run wire through door boot into door.
4. tuck wire under carpet.
5. replace trim pannels.
6. profit.
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