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Some plans to summer...

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Default RE: Some plans to summer...

I don't know anything about denver audio products..... 400 seems VERY inexpensive for that whole setup so I'd do some reviews and research (as you obviously are....) before purchasing them.... As for extra power you're not adding that much you're just swaping out stock stuff so I think your standard charging system will be ok... if you are really worried about it then get a capacitor or something of that nature... I don't think a 400W sub is going to draw that much juice though....
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Default RE: Some plans to summer...

1 euro = 1.4604 dollars so $584.16, yeah that is really cheap compared to what the average price over here is. Finland must have some awsome deals.

I've never heard of Denver as a company before. If this brand is not sold locally and you are getting them from the internet, my only concern is that the tuner will be set up for use outside of Europe and therefore you will not be able to pick up radio stations.
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Default RE: Some plans to summer...

If your planning on getting a car audio system, i'd say go on ebay. For the price of that denver set up, you could buy a nice NAME brand cd player, like alpine, pionner, eclipse, could get your self a nice entry level set of infinity highs, pick out a nice kicker cvr 12" and an amp for it all and you would proballly be sending alot less than that whole set for a hell of a alot more quality. People can argue all day about what brands are the best, but if you want a nice little set up, any namebrand car audio equipment is decent, you should honestly get a kicker cvr 10 or 12 depending on what your looking for, best cheap sub imo
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Default RE: Some plans to summer...

i wouldnt recommend buying cheap speakers. head unit, sure. quality doesnt vary that much. sub? eh, not AS important. amp? doesnt vary that much. but speakers, you can really tell the difference between good and bad quality speakers.
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Search through MacLeod's old posts. He's recommended equipment for every budget and he really knows his $h!+ when it comes to car audio. Also look through the "Sights and Sounds" section. I'd say to ask him, but I know he's already gone through this subject many times and what you need to read, he's already posted a few places. Just search, you will find what you need.
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Default RE: Some plans to summer...

correct me if im wrong, but accords already come with pioneer speakers installed. or at least mine does.
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