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XM Radio Installation Guide

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Default XM Radio Installation Guide

So I just got a new XM Radio (sports caster to be exact) for christmas and I figured a few other people may have as well so I thought I'd just post a quick "how I installed mine" type post for anyone else who may be in this position. I have a 94 Accord EX so 94-97 should work great for this. I don't have my digital camera yet (thanks HP for screwing up my order and not getting it here by christmas... My wife thanks you) so pictures aren't on here and that sucks... anyone who has some photos or would be willing to take them would help make this post 1000 times better....

My radio/kit consisted of an FM transmitter that attachs to the cars antenna, an XM antenna and a power cable.

Tools: Flathead Screwdriver

Time: About 30 minutes

FM Transmitter Install:

There is a little sticky backed piece that goes on the rear window over the antenna. Just remove the sticky part covering and make sure the metal contacts the antenna that is built in to the rear window. The top 6 inches or so of rear "wires" are the antenna, the lower lines that run all the way accross are your defroster so don't put it on that. I put this piece close to the edge of the window. Then just tuck the wire down the side pillar as best you can. Mine had a little "lump" of some sort that was about 6 inches down from the piece that attached to the rear window. So I do have a little cord that runs along side the pillar since I'm to lazy to remove the pillar and conceal it perfectly. at the base of the pillar where it connects with the rear deck lid I put the screwdriver in there to create a little space and then tucked the wire underneath the pillar, just work along slowly and gently push the wire underneath the trim pieces and it will go. once the pillar reached the rear seat I just ran it down along the seat and pushed it all in out of sight. Now continue working your way forward and tuck the wire under the plastic trim on the drivers side and it should slide under there nicely. Just work your way forward and use the screwdriver as needed to lift up the pieces and tuck the wire under the plastic trim as you move forward, once you get nearly to the front of the drivers side door I found that sliding the wire under that little rubber piece works great. Now you should have your excess antenna wire up front by the fuse box.

XM Antenna:

I put my antenna on the drivers side corner near my windsheild. Just stick it on there (it's magnetic) and run the wire over to the door frame, make sure you leave enough excess for it to trace the line of the door when the doors closed. If you look at the rubber seal that lines your door frame you'll notice that it has a small groove or split of sorts that works perfect for squishing the wire into. If you want to make this really perminant you can use a small amount of super glue on the wire every 12 inches or so, I didn't put glue or tape or anything on mine and it's still holding just fine. Continue tucking it into that little groove all the way down and around the door until you get to the bottom where the plastic trim piece covers the rubber. I chose to run along the front edge of the door but feel free to do as you please. Once you're at that plastic piece just tuck the wire under it and then tuck it under the rubber piece or the plastic trim so that it's under your dash with the excess that you have from the FM wire.

Finalizing Installation:

I personally just mounted my radio using the suction cup mount kit that was provided and put it just up and to the right of my guage cluster on the windsheild. This allows me to see it easily and then use the remote or just reach up there and change it without really taking my eyes off the road. Connect the XM antenna into the little plug on the FM Transmitter, then connect the FM transmitter into your radio. If you choose to mount everything like I have it then you'll find that with the door open the wire running up/to your radio can easily be tucked in next to the dash. Connect to the radio then hold the top part of the wire above the dash and the bottom part of the wire under the dash and just thread it in next to the dash (with the drivers door open). Now neatly bunch up the excess wire and just zip tie it under the dash next to the fuse box. The power cable that came with mine was simply a cigarette adapter and I haven't had a chance to test the voltages etc. and hard wired it in yet. So the power cable sucks because it's so short but it works. Questions or comments please post them!
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Default RE: XM Radio Installation Guide

Good Post there Nasty..very precise and will help those who get one in the future..

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