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HOW TO... Clutch Master and Slave Cynders

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Default HOW TO... Clutch Master and Slave Cynders


perhaps the hardest part in replacing the clutch master is to remove the cutter pin that hold the clutch shaft pin in,, it could be a knuckle buster,,

Parts needed : clutch master ( preferably Honda or Adler ( oem ) )

.brake fluid, dot 3 or 4 ,,cutter pin,

tools needed : 10mm line wrench, pliers, side cutter, small screwdriver, 12mm deep socket, 10mm socket , extension, rachet, flash lite.

First off , personally i have found that it is much easier and gives me more room to remove the clutch spring at the pedal,, If you decide to remove it as well,, pay close attention the way that it is installed,..Once spring is out of the way, with a small scredriver, pry a bit on the head of the cutter pin to give you more room to grab it with plier or side cutters, pull cutter pin out, remove the rod pin .....If rod pin is installed from rt to left , make sure you reinstall from left to right it will make it much , much easier to reinstall cutter pin,, so you got to make sure that the sqare part on the rod is on the left side..

Ok cutter pin is out, remove the 2 12mm nuts holding the master on, You are now done under the dash,, From under the hood, empty the reservoir, remove the 2 10mm bolts for the bracket, with pliers,remove the clamp at the hose, remove reservoir, with the line wrench, remove the line, pull out the master cylinder, make sure to reuse the gasket, the new one does not come with a gasket..

Reinstall everything in reverse order..


Tools needed : 12mm wrench, 10 mm 12mm line wrench

parts needed : slave cylinder, Honda or Adler brand, brake fl;uid, dot 3 or 4 , greaase,

remove the line from slave cylinder, remove the 2 12mm bolts holding it on to tranny, remove slave cylinder,

When you reinstall it put some grease at the end of the rod where it goes in the clutch fork.. it will eliminate possible future squeaking noises,


Parts needed : brake fluid dote 3 or 4 ,

Tools needed : 8 mm wrench, small can, hose,

there are different ways to bleed system, different tools to use, if you have a VACULA,, ( it is a air operated vaccum container ) than i am to assume you know how to use it....

Another way , if you are alone ,is to , attach a hose to the bleeder screw,put the hose inside a container with brake fluid, , make sure hose is submerged in the fluid, make sure master reservoir is full, than slowly pump the clutch pedal, do it a few times, close the bleeder and see how peadal feels .. you might have to do it a few times,,

The easiest way is to have a friend pump up the clutch pedal for you,, have him ( her ) do it by hand , cause at first the pedal will not come up, with the bleeder screw closed, have them pump up the pedal, hold it down, now you open the bleeder screw to let the air out of the system, make sure that they hold the pedal down till you tighten the bleeder screw,, you have to repeat this a few times till pedal feels normal..

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