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HOW TO,,,Replace Fuel Filter Accord 90-97

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Default HOW TO,,,Replace Fuel Filter Accord 90-97

am sure this is too easy of a job for most of you ,, but for those who need help .. follow these steps ..

Accord 90-93 fuel filter

location : underhood, passanger side. on firewall, below emission box

parts needed : fuel filter part # 16010-sm4-k51

tools needed : 10mm, 17mm sockets, extension, rachet, 14mm line wrench,

# 1 remove the gas cap , to relieve fuel line pressure,

# 2 unplug the 2 connectors at emission box ( black box with hoses) on passanger side firewall,,

# 3 , remove the 2 vaccum hoses 1 goes at top of charcoal canister, careful when you remove this hose you could brake the charcoal canister plastic nipple. the other hose goes to EGR ....

# 4 remove the 2 10mm bolts that hold emission box to firewall,,lift up the box and swing out of the way

# 5 remove the 17mm fuel filter banjo bolt

# 6 disconnect the metal fuel line , use the 14mm line wrench

# 7 remove the 2 10mm bolts that hold the fuel filter bracket to firewall.. lift up on the bracket.

# 8 remove the 10mm bolt that holds filter into the bracket.

When you reinstall fuel filter in bracket make sure you realign it properly.....Also make sure you install bracket into the open slot on the firewall if not, it could rattle,,
before you tighten the 2 bolts that hold the bracket, start the fuel pipe by hand go a few turns to make sure it starts ok DO NOT use the wrench to start the line,,use the wrench ONLY after you make sure the line threaded ok in the filter
Reconnect everything in reverse order,,make sure to use the new aluminum washers that come with the filter,, if you happen to loose one you can reuse the old washer..
reconnect emission box plugs and vaccum hoses, reinstall gas cap
Once done, start the car and make sure there are no fuel leaks..

Accord 94-97 fuel filter

location, underhood, driver side, below brake master cylinder

part needed : fuel filter part # 16010-st5-933

tools needed: 10mm, 17mm sockets, 17 mm wrench, 3/8 drive short + long extension,rachet, 3/8 drive 14mm crow foot , 14mm short line wrench

this is a bit trickier to replace but it is simple..some people do the whole job from the top, that is when you will use the 14mm short line wrench,,personally i have found it a lot easier to loosen up the lower fuel line from the bottom ,,, Anyho ....

# 1 remove gas cap, to relieve fuel line pressure

# 2 raise the car up and with the long extension , 14mm crow foot , loosen the fuel line at bottom of filter DO NOT totally undo the line at this time or you will get fuel soaked,, put a pan under car so fuel can go there instead of on the floor once you totally undo the line

# 3 remove the 17mm nut at the fuel rail,( top end of fuel hose going to filter ) do not loose the aluminum washer you need to reuse it

# 3.5 remove the 17mm bolt for the fuel hose at fuel filter,remove the hose

# 4 totally undo the lower fuel line but undo it from the top ( engine compartment)

# 5 remove the 10mm fuel filter bracket bolt,, remove the assembly . you might have to play with it a bit but it will slide up by the master cylinder

# 6 once out, remove the 10mm bolt that hold the filter in the bracket., install new filter, make sure to line it up on the slot

# 7 if you look at the body where filter bracket mounts, there is an opening , below where the mounting bolt is, make sure to install the lower bracket nipple inside that hole,

# 8 before you install the 10mm bracket bolt, start the lower fuel line , from the top , make sure to turn the nut a few turn to make sure it is not cross threaded. once line is started ok, mount the bracket on the body tighten the 10mm bolt,,

# 9 tightem the lower fuel line ,,

# 10 install the upper hose, make sure to use new aluminum gaskets, put gas cap back on

Start the car and make sure there are no fuel leaks

Thanks to Hondadude ... here is a link with pics...

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