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This procedure basically applies to all 4 cylinder Accords . up to 2002

if you cannot set the timing most likely cam timing is off,, you need to chk it to make sure it is ok,,

First off, put car on top dead center, align the white mark on the crank pulley to the raised nipple on the lower timing belt cover ( 94-02) up to 93 accords the top dead center mark is accecced by removing the rubber plug between tranny and engine just below top radiator hose, TDC mark is on the flywheel /torque converter ..
remove the upper timing belt cover ,in some cases you need to remove the valve cover , in some you can just slip the upper cover through,, chk to see if the camshaft marks align with the head ( up mark facing up )
if they do ,cam timing is ok,, If they do not , you need to reset it ,, by the way chk condition of timing belt . if belt is ok ,,continue ,, if belt is worn chk to make sure that it is not the reason that timing is off , ( broken tooth on t-belt, skipped a timing tooth )
since the upper cover is off, stuff a rag into the lower cover so something does not drop inside and then you need to remove the lower cover,
Anyho. loosen up the 12 mm bolt for the cam pulley, ( do not remove yet ) slip the timing belt off the pulley , remove the 12mm bolt and the cam pulley, careful not to drop the pulley alignment key .once pulley and little key are off, turn the camshaft to align marks to the head, put timing belt into pulley and line it up with the camshaft you might need to pull up a bit, ( do not put the key in yet..) once cam pulley is on the camshaft , it should be aligned so you can insert the key, insert the key you might have to tap on it with a little hammer or a small wrench, once key in in, install the 12 mm bolt and tighten it up..
I have done it this way for many years and many times , there is no need to remove the lower timing belt cover and assuming belt is adjusted properly no ned to adjust timing belt either ..Now if t-belt is loose than you need to adjust it,, loosen the 14mm nut in the middle of the lower timing belt cover, ( t-belt adjuster nut) , turn the engine 90-180 degrees toward the frt of the car use a 19mm socket long extension and a wrechet ( counterclock wise ) that will take the slack off the timing belt, tighten the adjuster nut ..
double chk your timing ..
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