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Taking the Mystery out of the Maintenance Minder

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Default Taking the Mystery out of the Maintenance Minder

Honda Service News September 2005

Taking the Mystery Out of the Maintenance Minder System

To help vehicle owners know when scheduled maintenance is due, Honda has introduced the maintenance minder system in these models.

• ’06 Accord
• ’06 Civic
• ’0506 Odyssey
• ’06 Pilot
• ’06 Ridgeline
• ’06 S2000

The maintenance minder system shows engine oil life in the information display to let you know when it’s time to have the engine oil replaced and regular maintenance done. There’s no longer a maintenance schedule in the O/M.

The system shows engine oil life as a percentage, which drops over time as the vehicle racks up miles. It starts out at 100% with fresh engine oil, and winds down to 0%, signaling the oil life is over. The system counts down oil life based on engine operating conditions (both normal and severe). If the engine runs at higher temperatures and rpm, or at low temperatures during short trips, the oil life will deplete faster than an engine running under more normal conditions. Depending on the oil life percentage, the system shows three different messages when you turn the the ignition switch to ON (II). Here’s what you could see:

Oil Life______Message What to Do
___________Plan to take your vehicle in for scheduled maintenance

5% ________SERVICE DUE NOW
___________Take your vehicle in now for scheduled maintenance

___________(Mileage past due is also shown)
___________Service is overdue. Take your vehicle in now for scheduled maintenance

When the oil life reaches 15%, you’ll also see a two-part maintenance item code.

This code tells you what items need servicing when you have the engine oil replaced. The first part of the code is the main code. It’s either A or B, never both. Here’s what they mean:

Code______What it Means

A________Replace just the engine oil.
B________Replace the engine oil and the oil filter, rotate the tires, inspect the front and rear brakes, check the parking brake adjustment, and inspect several other items listed in the O/M.

The second part of the code is the subcode. It’s numbered 1 thru 5 in vehicles without 4WD, and 1 thru 6 in vehicles with 4WD. These subcodes can show up in any combination. Here’s what they mean:

Code______What it Means

1________Rotate the tires.
2________Replace the air cleaner element, check the drive belt, and replace the dust and pollen filter.
3________Replace the transmission fluid and transfer fluid (if equipped).
Replace the spark plugs, replace the timing belt (if equipped), inspect the water pump, and inspect valve clearance.
5________Replace the engine coolant.
Replace the rear differential fluid (if equipped).



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Taking the Mystery Out...(cont’d)

The system automatically moves up maintenance items or delays them so they get done along with engine oil replacement. For example, if tire rotation is normally done at 7,500 miles, but the oil life ends around 6,000 miles, the system will move up tire rotation. Or, if the oil life appears to be ending around 9,000 miles, the system will delay tire rotation. In either case, you would see the maintenance item code A1 in the information display.

Some scheduled maintenance items are independent of the maintenance minder system. The brake fluid should be replaced every 3 years, the idle speed should be inspected every 160,000 miles, and the valves adjusted if they’re noisy.

And there are driving situations where a few maintenance items deviate from the maintenance minder system. These items are affected:

• Air filters - the air cleaner element and dust and pollen filter should be replaced every
15,000 miles if you drive the vehicle often in areas that are regularly dusty or dirty (high
concentration of soot from industry or dieselpowered vehicles).

• ATF - the ATF should be replaced every 30,000 miles if you use the vehicle mostly for
towing or you drive in mountainous areas. This doesn’t apply if the vehicle has ATF life
monitoring. The ’06 Civic is the only vehicle that monitors ATF life at this time.

• Timing belt (if equipped) - the timing belt should be replaced every 60,000 miles if you
drive the vehicle often in areas that commonly have temperatures above 110°F or below

Keep in mind, only a small percentage of vehicle owners are actually involved in these driving situations. All other vehicle owners should follow the maintenance minder system.

For owners who only drive their vehicles occasionally, and the oil life never reaches 15% at the end a 12-month period since the engine oil was last replaced, the engine oil should be replaced and the oil life indicator reset to 100%. When resetting the oil life indicator, the system will flash the maintenance item code that would have come up when the oil life reached 15%. Make sure all maintenance is done according to that maintenance item code.

The maintenance minder info is stored in the ECM/PCM and in the gauge control module. The ECM/PCM keeps track of the oil life, while the gauge control module handles the service items. If you replace the ECM/PCM, make sure you transfer the maintenance minder info from the old ECM/PCM to the new one. And if you replace the gauge control module, remember to transfer the odometer reading from the old gauge control module to the new one.

When replacing the ECM/PCM, if you run into any problems transferring the maintenance minder info, replace the engine oil. The system will start the oil life at 100%.



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Default Checking maintenance minder items code(s) even if oil life is more than 15%

  1. Turn the ignition to ON (III).
  2. If the oil life is more than 15%, press the Sel/Reset **** repeatedly until the engine oil life is displayed.
  3. Press the Sel/Reset **** for about 10 seconds. The engine oil life will display and the maintenance item code(s) will blink.
  4. If you want to reset the display and maintenance item code(s), then press the Sel/Reset **** for another 5 seconds. The maintenance item code(s) will disappear and the engine oil life will reset to 100%. --Do not do step 4 if you do not want to clear the maintenance item code(s) and reset the engine oil life to 100%.

The dealer can reset individual maintenance items with Honda Diagnostic System (HDS) instead of clearing and resetting everything via the Sel/Reset ****.

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