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I just got an auto 96 Accord, and first thing I did was filled it up, after I drove to completely to E I filled it up to figure out the MPG I'm getting. It was only 18 mpg, and I was expecting much more. It was mostly city but some highway, and I'm actually a pretty good driver when it comes to saving gas (anticipating stops, not flooring it, coasting, etc). Do you guys think I need a tune up or that it's exactly what I should be expecting?
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that seems low.... I've got a 94 ex with the 2.2L Vtec and I get 26-28 (manual 5 speed), check your basics, air filter, spark plugs, wires, oil etc and make sure those items are in good working order, you could also run a bottle of fuel injector cleaner through there and some sea foam (search the forum if you haven't heard about it) wouldn't hurt either.... so there's some options!
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i had a 94 that got 25-26 around town and 34 HWY. unless you are jack rabbit start all the time, something is wrong

o2 sensor?
leaky injector(s)
TQ converter not locking up? (should in 3rd and 4th if you are auto)

wrote down wrong starting milage?
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I have 97 accord (4 cylinder) with 185000 miles and gives about 26 to 27 miles a gallon. Driving city and Highway mix. I have question about what is this about torque convertor locking up??. Lets say if you drive around 70 mph on highway what RPM should be there?? My car is running about 3000 rpm when I am cruising at 70 MPH. Is this OK or this is too much. Most of the car I had V6 motors inthem so I can not Judge it with Accord.
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i am pretty sure that if everything is working as it should you should be at 2800K on the tach.

is your tstat working? If it is stuck partially open ECU will not think car has warmed up and TQ converter will not lock up and you may still get heat. Usually if the converter fails to lock up due to a trans problem you get a cel saying TQ converter circuit malfunction.
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NGK plugs seem to be the general consensus as to the best plugs for accords.
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A simple way to look at a t-stat would be to think of it as a dam that is heat activated and will open when needed. Basically your engine needs to warm up to a certain range to run optimaly. Your t-stat will stay closed until the proper temp is reached in the coolant and then it will open; letting the hot coolant travel to the radiator and cooler coolant in to circulate around the block and keep it cool. Thats kind of it in a nut shell.

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