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1992 Accord Auto Transmission Problem

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Default Transmission Problem Expalined!

Hello all. I just got a used (obviously) 1992 Accord LX, with the D4 light already lit, and immediately had weird and severe transmission problems, intermittently.
The cause for apparently 99.2% of transmission problems is a faulty TCU, Transmission Control Unit, which is a circuit board in a metal box, next to the main "computer", underneath the passenger floorboard. The transmission is controlled by this "computer", and the ones made by OKI Tellecom are widely known to be very crappy, and it appears every single one will have some kind of problem. Another vendor was used though as well, which is what I'm out here looking to find the name of again, and were either used in another assembly plant, or were just a choice the parts puller had made, but, they are reputed to be far superior to the OKI brand and not fail, and to be far better at what they do, shifting gears, and provide a very smooth, intelligent shifting function.

I took mine out and inspected it, and cleaned the connectors, but had no change. I took a very high res photo of the board, and have been studying it, and believe I have found at least one burnt out transistor. To any lawyers or anyone interested, I think there is far more than sufficient cause and evidence to file a Class Action lawsuit against OKI Telecom, that apparently spared Every expense to create and supply Honda with these very unreliable circuit boards. Honestly, the number of different complaints that I've run across concerning these boards in one session is gigantically enormous, and indicates I've seen the tip of what is a much larger iceberg. Honda would have it's reasons not to make a public acknowledgement of how they got totally screwed by OKI Telecom, which made their vehicles' owner satisfaction and worklife drop to, in my case, 0%, and associate the name "Honda" with a feeling of insecurity and fear. and to strongly dislike in a very personal sense, and how replacing them almost magically solved a host of problems in every case reported. (What normally happens is that the computer has the car go into a special "Limp" mode, and either stops any gear shifting, or greatly limits it. In my case, it is just so fried that I have only one gear, too low for starting out in, and, it doesn't engage the clutch, so it's like driving a stick shift stuck in 3rd gear, and having the clutch removed. I have to shift it to neutral to make a stop, or when my speed is slow, and if there is even a very slight incline to the street grade, the car will stall, as it's stuck in 3rd gear, with no clutch, and it also has a very strong shuddering vibration when put into gear.
BUT, once in a while, the D4 light goes out, and it will drive perfectly normal for a few trips. So, thanks OKI for giving me the possessed crappy car from hell. May you be cursed and suffer disgrace and be completely wiped out as I pray that vengeance be served upon you by my God for myself and all others that have been affected by your actions, even if they were within the "legal" limits, which has yet to be determined. You have clearly not met my minimum standards, and I leave it to God, a close personal friend of mine, to act as judge and executor on my behalf as I understand you will become aware of this call to justice that I have made. (They are still a very large overseas concern and will be aware of any mention of their name, and as I am not ashamed and have no problem at all in revealing or displaying my personal religious beliefs, and live every day without any fear, except when behind the wheel of my Honda Accord LX, and am honor bound to identify and laser-tag a target I see as deserving a harsh reprimand, which an extremely rare event for me.)

I found a place on the web that says they will repair the circuit board to better than new for $75.00 I think, with a 2 buss. day turnaround. The mechanic that I bought the car from has located another TCU from another state, to be put in tomorrow, and I came across this site looking for a picture or the name of the outfit that made the far better TCU units. But I guess if it says OKI Telecom on the sticker on top of the metal case, I'll likely be sending it in to be refurbished either immediately or later.

My mechanic, that offered and sold me the Honda Accord runs a very busy repair shop and is an honest and trustworthy guy, but has demonstrated that he has an electronic blindside, or an issue, or a lack of skills in certain aspects of advanced car electronics, and with my previous car a 1990 fully loaded Caddy Seville, totally screwed up the electronics, and had the entire set of warning lights on the dash light up, whenever the break pedal was pressed.
But $2000.00 seemed like a good buy for a "92 Accord LX with cruise control and a little scrape on the passenger door. But now I just want to get the heck away from the challenged, but well meaning mech. and never return, and end this two month nightmare of stalling in intersections etc. , and fruitless repair attempts. Sorry Dad, but I'm going to have to opt. for accurate, fast service. [He won't ever see this, I just added it for ironic effect.]

The repair place is: AET Automotive Computer Remanufacturing & programming. The contact email address is [email protected]I didn't get the web address but just Google it for heavens sake. They seem quite respectable, but I know nothing about them except what their webpage says. The website lists all the tranny Control Units they service, which is listed on a sticker on the metal cover of the unit. I found a website that described exactly how to remove the unit, but didn't keep the web address. I would have replaced the thing myself, but you have to get a compatible unit from an auto wrecker or eBay, and I couldn't find a place that listed what units were suitable replacements. The ID number on my unit is much longer than any other I've seen, and compatibility is key.
So, good luck everybody, and don't go buying up all the Good units that are compatible with my car! [uh, that's a joke. c'mon people, lighten up. Seriously.]

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Signing in to subscribe to this dead thread in the hopes someone will post an updated website with more info on the TCU (the one listed in an earlier post from '07 is no longer available) and it's testing and replacement.

My '93 is doing something similar yet a bit different. Mine won't go into overdrive, and I have to shift manually from a dead stop (or sub 15mph starts) Also from time to time the little indicator lights for the open doors/trunk open light up at random times. Will stay lit till I turn the car off for a bit and not come back on till it get's ready. Oh well one problem at a time I suppose.
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I fixed my 1992 Honda Accord EX 2.2L by changing out the Transmission Control Module. My car would not shift from 3rd to 4th and the Drive light would just stay on D4. Once I changed it out, all the issues went away! It is located under the carpet on the passenger side and is easy to change out. Plus you get a CORE credit for turning in the old one towards a new one like alternators. Check out AutoZone or Napa online. Easy fix. Most places will try to sell you a new transmission first (Which you do not need unless you thrashed your car while it would not shift). Hope this helps someone. Good luck!

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Originally Posted by TexasHonda View Post
Check for a trans code by shorting the service check connector and read the D4 light flashes.

good luck
I am new to working on Honda's I've worked on a lot of different vehicles, I'm not a certified mechanic but I've learned over the years how to work on cars, I was wondering what you were talking about shorting the service check connector and how I would do that because I'm having the exact same issues that I'm reading about on this forum and would greatly appreciate any advice, I'm used to using my code scanner but I don't think it will pull up trans codes
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The common diy thread on top of the gen tech help forum has a link to get CEL codes that should explain it.

Here is the DIY thread link:
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