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Old 11-07-2007, 11:42 PM
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Default transmission no forward, only reverse

I have 95 ex 4 cyl. with 110k. transmission doesn’t work in any gear (D through 1) only little bit of reverse.
Car was purchased 6 years ago (75k)for my Mom. I was driving ’91 EX at the time

On my old Accord I had to replace transmission, because some idiot at the lube place talk me in to changing transmission fluid at about 90k for the first time. New fluid with new detergents loosen all the buildup and killed the transmission in less the 3k. Fluid was foaming up, no pressure, foam would go down I could get 5-10 miles. I tried flushes, etc. nothing.

So with this one I knew that if no one did it at 40k, live it alone. Here is a kicker, Jan of this year coolant hose exploded, I did the hoses thermostat, radiator!! But in the end water pump was shut. Took it to the mechanic he did the water pump, changed the engine oil (for some reason it took him almost a week to do the job).
A week ago my Mom started complaining that it shifts high, by the time she drove to my place car only had 1st then sometimes at about 5000rpm sluggishly would shift to second that is it. I went twice around the block.
After it cooled down I tried to drive it, got 200 feet no transmission thank God reverse was working got back in to a driveway. Right now no forward motion just reverse. Here is the kicker, before I did anything I checked transmission fluid it is pink and it should be black and thick like something that work hard for 12 years. I have no choice but to suspect the mechanic (I have no luck with mechanics dishonest or incompetent or combination)

So ladies and gentlemen any suggestions?
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Old 11-08-2007, 08:13 AM
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Default RE: transmission no forward, only reverse

sounds like you are having the tranny flushed. Honda's don't like to be flushed, only fluid changes (which kinda sucks because you can only do a third of the fluid at a time because 2/3 are stuck in the torque converter. You should get a fluid change every year .... this won't hurt anything as long as the mechanic doesn't hook up a pump to it!

When they did the water pump, did they put a new timing belt on, they should have. It worked properly after the mechanic had it for a week? ATF should always be a reddish color, brown or black means it's burnt and needs to be changed 3 times with 5-15 miles driven between each change.
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