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2001 Accord EX V6 Stereo Install

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Default 2001 Accord EX V6 Stereo Install

Ok, so this is nothing special. It's just a simple build.

Originally I posted a question in the Sound Domain forums about high pass and low pass filters. It was answered by Keep_Hope_Alive. I ended up clicking on his build page. I asked him a few questions, then a few more, then more. I PM'd him with another question. He answered every one of my questions and this is the result. Thanks for all the help K_H_A.

JVC EXAD Arsenal KD-AR5500
MTX Thunder 5510 x 2
Profile AP 2000
Polk db 6750
Polk db 690
Profile AP 1040

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I put the remote bass control in the center console this time. I had it under the HU in the install kit and under the dash in my Mustang. It was REALLY BRIGHT in either location. So bright that it was very distracting when driving at night.

I left enough slack underneath in case I want to move it up by the dimes later. I never used it before, but I paid for it, so I'll install it!
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Here's my work around the fuel pump issue.
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You might have noticed in some of the previous pics that the passengers side sub cut out is bad. My circle jig exploded when I started cutting. I ended up cutting both holes out with a jig saw. It got worse when I was routing the 45 degree angle of the sub cut outs. The router guide got caught on the damage from the jig explosion and chewed up the MDF a bit. I thought about starting over but decided to just use carpet instead of vinyl.

You can see the damage in this pic. This is after about an hour and half of filing and sanding to clean up the damage.
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Test fit was pretty good. I did a bit more filing and sanding though.
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The Finished Product.
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It's really centered. I took the pic from the drivers seat so it's got an angle to it.
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And I still have a trunk! (with a dirty stained liner) It didn't look that dirty when I took the pic.
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I tested my seal again this morning and it's really tight. I put 1" wide strips of open cell foam around the outside edge of the box and in the center between the subs where the box meets the baffle.

I also used closed cell foam where the baffle meets the metal around the top of the lip on the trunk side. The baffle doesn't vibrate at all when the box is drawn up with the bolts.

I'll end up stuffing some foam behind the trunk liner to deaden a bit. It's all completely removable so I can deaden in sections as time and money permit.

I just have to find some temporary way to mount the amps. I need my trunk space and spare tire for the time being. Once I get to Michigan I'll most likely mount the amps where the spare tire is. That will get rid of that dirty carpet.

I'll finish that up this weekend and get the doors sealed and the components in.
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that is a super clean setup. however i had my subs firing forward for a while. i found i got much better results with them firing into the trunk.
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About five years ago I had the same amp and subs in a smaller box in this car. I tried rear and forward firing. I had louder bass rear firing but I thought it sounded too boomy. I realize MTX leans a little more toward SPL than SQ, but I'm hoping that with the proper size box, sealed to the cabin, it will sound a little tighter.

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forward firing works great when you seal them with the cabin opening. without the seal you get phase interference in the 70-100Hz range (depending on the size of the trunk).

the result is more accurate bass response.
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that makes sense. either way it looks great and if you prefer the way it sounds
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