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2013 & 2014 Accord ANC disable with pictures

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There seem to be a lot of different ways people (myself included) are tackling the ANC stuff so I summarized everything I've found so far here: Topic: 2013 Accord Subwoofer and disabling ANC (Active noise cancelling) |
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Default 2014 Accord Sport ANC "Removal"

so i kept reading on this and just figured i should go ahead and do this. It seems to have no good attribute the more i read on it. and i plan to have a sub put in soon.

so reading on the 2013's it seems pretty straight forward. didnt want to pull down my headliner and screw it up just to unplug a mic. and the one up front, in with the map lights. it also it used as the bluetooth mic, so no go there. i did not want to cut wires on my car if i didnt have to.

soooooo, i went with the plan to unplug the ANC unit that sits under our radio.

so you take your silver trim off, and remove the little cubby compartment there for storage via 2 screws. you go up, and everything thing i read say to remove the hands free link module there and then the ANC unit is above it. well guess what? on 2014 models, apparently they removed that extra HFL module. and weirdly enough, i dont get any notifications about texts in my car as i should. well that is a gripe from me and i guess off subject, anyway.....

so cubby out, then you can reach up and unplug the first module your hand comes to

that's it. happy weekend.
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you don't have to permanently disable the ANC system with clips or cutting. You can do it through the advanced service menu.

this video describes how to access the diagnostic menu on an Accord LX or Sport (non touch screen)

hold buttons #1, #6, and DISPLAY then press the power button.

then button #1 toggles ANC on and off. Not sure if this is remembered after the car is off but probably reset if battery is disconnected. I did this and while it did turn ANC off, when i shut the car off and came back to it, it appears to have reset.

if you have a touch screen version, then this video applies

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From user sqa4life:

A few suggestions for others. Removing the trim isn't hard, but take care. You don't want to gouge the trim in your brand new car, right? Start at the front on the outboard side of each trim-piece and gradually widen the crack moving to the rear with an appropriate tool. Suggest not using metal screwdrivers or putty knives. Use a plastic trim tool. Cheap and easy to find. Do the job right, with the right tools, and be happy.

The pocket comes out easily. There is an L-shaped tray that forms the floor of the workspace. This pops up and out. Removal gives a little more room to work.

Removing the two 10mm bolts that hold the HFL (Bluetooth) bracket requires some care. The bolt on the left is easy to spot and remove. The one on the right, not so much. It is aimed upward and is obscured by cables. Suggest removing these two bolts with a socket/ratchet with a 5-6" extension. Loosen the bolts with the ratchet, then remove it from the extension. Complete removal of the bolts with just the extension. Be especially careful that you don't drop the one on the right as there are yawning holes just below this position. If you drop the bolt, you may never see it again.

(During reassembly I tied a thread around the right bolt so that if I dropped it into the hole, I could fish it out.)

Removing the wiring from the HFL module is optional. It can be brought down and out of the way with the harness still attached.

The ANC module doesn't have to be removed. The wiring harness attaches at the back, not on the left as the diagram indicated. There is a tab peeking at you on the bottom of the module. Push the tab with one thumb while inserting a small screwdriver between the harness and the back of the module. Carefully rotate the screwdriver to work the harness loose.

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I just disconnected it as Hunter G showed up top and it worked perfectly! Doing it like Keep Hope shows is a pain in the a$$, yo have to do this every time you start your car, and god forbid you dont have your fingers ready when the honda symbol disappears on your screen or POW loud bass blowing your skull out!

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2014 Accord

Anybody has the ANC module pinout? Is the gray 16P connector shown in the pictures above.

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Attached Thumbnails 2013 & 2014 Accord ANC disable with pictures-201420accord20audio20system.jpg  
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Default 2013 accord amp & Sub- feedback problem solved, Bluetooth working

2013 Accord lx stock radio
This is my fix after reading all the other posts, thanks to all who contributed.
To solve the constant subwoofer feedback generated from the anc system, I
disconnected the rear mic by carefully pulling headliner rear down - removed rear side pillars and roof headliner clips also removed the grab handles on each side
Pulled the front mic harness by map light and disconnected the larger white wire only, then plugged the harness back in to be able to still have Bluetooth functionality.
No more feed back from sub when I close the doors with car running,and Bluetooth fully operational.
Only odd thing that came up now is bass is not as hard hitting from any radio stations as it is from cds and usb sources.
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yes, your method prevents cutting wires.

FM radio usually has weaker signals and weaker bass. before, you may not have been able to notice the benefit of CD and USB.
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