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Audio/Visual Electronics Wired up? Everyone's got some sort of electrical modification... let's hear about it here.

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Old 11-17-2006, 09:04 PM
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Default RE: replacing 6x9's need help

you don't need to remove it typically.... open the trunk and look up at the underside of that rear deck lid and I'll bet you'll find that the speakers are just screwed or bolted up into place there, simply remove whatever it is that's holding them in and remove them out through the trunk
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Old 11-22-2006, 05:17 AM
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Default RE: replacing 6x9's need help

in my 02 accord. there were like 2 or 3 screws that hold the speaker covers. then inside the car there r 4 screws that hold the speaker in place. its a really easy swap.
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Old 12-14-2006, 12:34 AM
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Default RE: replacing 6x9's need help

All you need to do is, unscrew 3 screws holding the grill down.. But where im stumped, is when you put the 6x9 in.. I bought new 6x9's and they dont fit, ive taken some pics of what im looking at.. if anyone can help, thad be great... I had 6.5" speakers in it, and i want 6x9's in it.. but theyre too small to fit into the hole, after i took out the plate holding the 6.5 in ( shown in pic ).. What should i do? Cut a hole in the plate to adapt it to the 6x9? Plz help! thx,
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Old 12-14-2006, 11:05 AM
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Default RE: replacing 6x9's need help

Its a 94, should be the same as the 96 right? Im new, just bought the car a couple weeks ago.. shes mint! :P

EDIT: Its a 2 door, LX if it makes a difference.. plz help [sm=thanx.gif]
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