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98-02 fuel tank replacement

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Default 98-02 fuel tank replacement

1. have flat level concrete floor ----photos----

2. chock front wheels

3. set parking brake

4. loosen lug nuts on both rear wheels

5. jack up rear of vehicle at point (red arrow on pic 130 ) using a minimum 3 ton floor jack (pic 112)with piece of 2 inch wood block.

6. set vehicle on large heavy duty jack stands (pic 111) at rear jacking points. I'm not sure of the height, but look at pic 114. The tires are about 6 inches off the ground. this will leave enough room to lower and remove sub-frame.

7. jack up front of vehicle at center of crossmember, its a small but noticeable hump. look for the scratches from car bottoming out. be sure not to jack at any other location.

8. set vehicle on front jacking points.

9. release parking brake.

10. remove rear wheels

11. remove parking brake mounting bolt. (pic 121)

12. remove retaining clip at location where parking brake cable mounts to wheel hub.

13. remove parking brake cable, clean area of rust to allow cable to slip through mount hole. (pic 121)

14. remove brake line mounting bolt. (pic 122)

15. disconnect ABS cable connector. (pic 123)

16. remove brake caliper only, sets pads aside, maneuver caliper around suspension and zip tie it to shock coil. ensure brake cable is above suspension.

17. repeat steps 11-16 on other side of vehicle

18. in trunk, remove cardboard floor, remove 3 phillips head screws on access panel. (pic 105)

19. pry up access panel and disconnect electrical connector. disconnect the two fuel lines by pinching retaining clips and gently disconnecting. (pic 109)

20. remove three plastic retaining clips on filler hose dust cover. (pic 125)

21. disconnect 3 fuel lines attached to body. (pic 127)

22. position floor jack or trans jack under sub-frame just to left of round aluminum heat shield. if using a floor jack, place a block of wood for support, and use good judgement. weight can shift quickly if theres more than a gallon of gas. (pic 130)

23. remove 4 subframe mounting bolts under the four points in pic shown (pic 131)

24. gently and slowly lower sub frame, there will be a couple fuel line retainers on tank towards the front you'll need to unlatch and also finish removing lines from evap canister. the smaller line on the evap canister was a pain, so i just cut it and spliced in a new line prior to install.

25. roll sub frame away from vehicle.

26. spray wd-40 on all screws on pump assembly and evap mount screws. spray also on tank straps mount bolts.

27. remove pump mount screws (pic 133), remove pump assembly.-note position

28. remove and install new filter located on bottom of pump.

29. install pump assembly on new tank. use new gaskets and make sure gasket is seated well against mount plate. evenly torque screws until firmly seated on tank. (pic 136)

30. remove evap canister and mount on new tank with new gasket. -note position (pic 136)

31. remove and mount fuel filler hose to new tank. (pic 136) -note position

32. remove straps from old tank, remove tank. (pic 135)

33. mount new tank.

34. install on vehicle
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Excellent post. Thank you sir.
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Yes excellent post.
I'm currently doing this now but I am STUCK on the front driver side body mount bolt.
It's right seized.
Any suggestions would be more than appreciated... I obviously don't want to break it.
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