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HOW TO,,,,,,,Replace radiator 90-97 Accords

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Default HOW TO,,,,,,,Replace radiator 90-97 Accords

1990-1997 ACCORDS Radiator Replacement

first off i would make sure that the car is cool and pay close attention how things come apart

tools you need >>>

10mm wrench, 10mm, 12 mm sockets, extension, rachet, pliers, screwdriver, drain pan,floor jack, jack stands,

Parts needed.......

Radiator, coolant, hoses ??? clamps ???

# 1 , remove radiator cap, loosen the radiator drain plug, put a pan under car so coolant will not spill all over the floor, while coolant is draining , you can do some work at the top,

# 2 .. remove clamp form top radiator hose, pull back hose from radiator

# 3, remove the a/c line bracket, 3,, 10mm bolts total,

# 4 ,, remove the 2 radiator holding brackets, 2 , 10mm bolts on each bracket,

# 5 ..remove the bolts from the top of both fans , 2 on each fan, 10mm bolts,

# 6 ,, on the driver side, ( a.c condensor fan ) disconnect the fan plug and also the a/c compressor plug which hooks into the shroud bracket

# 7 , remove the coolant overflow bottle

# 8 ,, disconnect plug for radiator fan ( pass side ) you can do this from the top of from under the car , plug is located below the overflow bottle

# 9 ,, raise the car , remove lower splash shield.
10mm bolts and clips

# 10..with a 10mm wrench, remove the 2 lower bolts for the radiator fan ( pass side ) and the 1 , for the a/c condensor fan ( driver's side ) ..

# 11.. remove clamp for lower radiator hose,, careful when pulling hose off, some coolant might still came out

# 12,. lower the car, pull both fans out ,you might have to push slightly on the a/c hose to pull rad fan out.

# 13.. if your car has manual tranny , you are ready to pull the radiator out

# 14..if car has AT, you need to disconnect the cooler lines, I would disconnect them from the tranny side, they are easier to get to,, at times, there is little room between cooler lines and frt beam attention which hose goes where..
Once cooler lines are disconnected you can pull the radiator out..

chk radiator hoses, if the crack while squeezing them , replace,

To Reinstall......

transfer the cooler lines into the new radiator,
put the 2 aligning rubber plugs into the beam, it will be easier that way to center the radiator,
you can install the lower radiator hose from the top or from the bottom choise is yours if fans are out......

Some people , might install both fans into the radiator while out of the car , then install the radiator ,, it is a matter of preference ,
I have done it both ways ,,

make sure to reattach all the plugs, hoses, tighten the hose clamps ..
Anyho,, once all done, do not forget to bleed the cooling system, bleeder screw is located on the t-stat housing, 12 mm , loosen up the bleeder screw, add coolant till it comes out of bleeder screw,( no air ) tighten screw, top off radiator, install cap,

start the car, let it warm up, make sure BOTH fans come on, chk for leaks ,, if leaks, repair as needed , If no leaks


If any question, Please ask...
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This was very useful thank you.

If you live in the rust belt like me I ended up having to take a wood chisel to separate the plastic containing the nuts on the radiator from the bolts on the fans and trans lines. Then work at them with a hack saw to get the fans and transmission lines apart from the bolts and nuts. It ruins the radiator but thats what your replacing.
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Thanks for the write up Des! It made the project on my '94 Accord go like a piece of cake. Only a couple of notes. I spent more time trying to figure out how to disassemble the two fan connectors without breaking them. Then I did on the rest of the pull. I found an excellent video on just the fan removal here:
Where the author show's clearly how the plugs come apart, after he removes the pass side fan. Also one last note. I was able to do this job (radiator & fans together) on my '94 entirely from the top of the engine compartment. The only time I went under the car was to open the drain plug.
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