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Covers 90-97 Accords 4 cylinders .

there are 2 sets of seals that can cause oil in spark plug wires,,

the upper seals located on the underside of the valve cover

the lower seals located below the rocker arm assembly.

let's do the upper seals first..

parts you need: valve cover gasket, upper plug seals, honda bond

Tools you need : 10 mm socket, short extension, rachet.

Remove the valve cover, flip it upside down, there are 4 rubber seals located in the cover, replace those seals, install new valve cover gasket, put a slight film of honda bond on the plug seals where it would meet the head and on the curved ends of the valve cover, put all together...

The lower seals are a bit harder to do..

along with the other parts listed above

parts you need : 4 lower rocker arm seals

along with the tools listed above

tools needed: 12 mm wrench, 12, 19 mm sockets,long extension, magic marker, medium to large flat tip screwdriver, torque wrench ( foot lbs).

With the valve cover out, put 19mm socket in crank pulley,wth long extension and rachet, rotate till you are at top dead center # 1 ,,the up mark on cam pulley faces up and the 2 notches on cam pulley are even with the will make the job a lot easier if it is on top dead # 1 .

get the magic marker, mark the position of the distributor , this way you won't have to reset the timing later.unplug the connectors at distributor, remove the 3, 12 mm bolts holding the distributor, pull the distributor out,, in some cases you can just remove the top distributor bolt and leave the lower 2 in,,and still be able to remove the rocker arm assembly

On the rocker arm there are some 10 mm bolts and some 12 mm bolts, when removing bolts always go from the outside in ,, in a criss cross pattern,
remove all the bolts .but DO NOT pull out the end bolts from the rocker arm assembly leave them in there , just let them hang ,if you do . the end caps are srping loaded and might separate from the assembly ,than you got to put it all together,.with the screwdriver gently pry up the rocker arm assembly..
Once rocker arm assembly is out of car, replace the 4 seals, put a bit of honda bond to keep seals in place...

To reinstall make extra sure to line up all the rocker arms to the top of the valves properly, start all the bolts by hand, you might have to align the rocker arms a few times, Once it is all aligned carefully start tightening the bolts , do not fully tighten them at this time ,, again in a criss cross pattern starting in the middle and working your way out,,
if all is in place properly you need to torque the bolts,, 12 mm at 16 ft lbs, 10mm at 9 ft lbs,,
Reinstall the distributor,it can only go in 1 way.. realign the marks you made earlier, plug in the connectors,,,tighten the bolts

there is no need to adjust the valves

reinstall the valve cover ....
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