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Car Just Turns Off ! =(

Old 02-22-2008, 08:15 AM
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Default Car Just Turns Off ! =(

Recently I have noticed that my Automatic 2002 Honda Accord V4, has developed this scary habit of turning off.

This happens when the vehicle is stationary and in neutral, and when I give it a raise... as expected the RPM rises, but suddenly and slowly just drops below 1 and gradually the car starts making these week sharp noises and if done again the car goes below 1 and just turns off.

This MOSTLY happens when I have the AC powered on, otherwise the chances of it turning off are fewer.

It's a bit scary cuz I don't know what this is being caused by, I have a feeling the battery is a bit worn out, since the car has also been driven 186,000KM, so if anyone could give me a list of possible causes for this.

Thank you very much.
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Default RE: Car Just Turns Off ! =(

Your symptoms are a little strange, but the fact that it's worse with the air-con going suggests idle speed compensation and the IACV, especially considering your other post. However, the fact that when you give the engine a little rev to keep the rpm up that the problem seems to get at least momentarily worse suggets an air leak.

Possibly the IACV is having trouble in it's opertation and is failing to find a setting that correctly increases idle rpm, and is hunting around trying to find a setting that works, possibly caused by the IACV not functioning correctly or by a small air leak.

I've given up on my IACV, it causes too many problems, and even when it isn't causing an actual problem it ineterferes with things that detract from the drivabilty of the car (more so with a manual gearbox, wouldn't be an issue with an auto).

I've just recently blanked the air flow to my IACV off completey (and the FITV) with brass plates placed between the IACV / FITV and the plenum chamber, and the engine now behaves much more nicely, especially when changing gears. The only downside is that when the air-con is used the idle drops below 500rpm, which was causing excessive vibration until I changed the spark plugs. The engine now idles (with air-con) at a low rpm, but vibration is only very slight. Having the FITV bypassed causes a very low idle when the engine is cold, but it doesn't last long, a few minutes at most.
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Default RE: Car Just Turns Off ! =(

It might be more severe than this, but I had a similar problem but in my opinion it was less severe. I had to change the main relay, and after changing it I never had the problem again.
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Default RE: Car Just Turns Off ! =(

you know i'm having the same issue with my accord also,i found some information that some of the 6th generation accords actually had an electrical defect issue...from what i heard some accord's ended up being recalled...but i heard if you changed your whole wire harness that the issue will stop i haven't had the time to do it myself to test this theory but hey any bit of info should help you...if your check engine light is on try autozone and ask em to hook it up to the computer DON"T be a sucker and go to the honda dealership because that SAME computer will tell you the same thing and they charge you an arm,leg and eyeball for that!
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Default RE: Car Just Turns Off ! =(

There was a recall on some ignition switches. I have never heard of the recall you are referring to

Bilal Khan, take your car to AutoZone or Advance Auto parts and have them test the battery and alternator (they will do it for free.) Sounds like a charging system issue to me.
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