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Rod Bearings Going Out?

Old 03-02-2006, 05:11 PM
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Default RE: Rod Bearings Going Out?

How much pep do you want to put into it? a full rebuild gasket kit is around $300-$400 depending on what you get etc... are you going to do the work yourself or pay a mechanic? you could weigh the options, like an engine and ecu is going to cost you what? about $1200 (take off engine I'm guessing here...based on prior knowledge) and cost you about 8-10 hours of labor or 5-6hundred? so we're talking an estimate of about $1800 for a different engine installed, down time is about a day or two (hopefully) and power gain depends on what you put in. Now a full rebuild, $400 gasket kit, pistons/rods $200 (on up depending, I just saw some 900 hp rod's/pistons for like $500), you could machine the head, bore they cylinder over slightly and re-grind the valves for $200 or so, then valves and springs let's say $200 for the sake of argument, labor about $700-$800 (guessing), so based on my estimates of parts/labor etc I've found for my area (Montana) you're looking about the same price, Down time on rebuild a 2-3 days and power gains should be decent, but you also get an engine that can withstand some serious upgrades, so I guess it depends on how far you want to go, This is just my opinion feel free to disagree
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Default RE: Rod Bearings Going Out?

hmm i would get a second opinion, and dont tell the second mechanic what the first one told you. i have 250k on my motor in my 91 and i let it rip every damn day, and i mean i let the tach slam all the way over to redline again and again. i dont have any rod bearing problems.
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Default RE: Rod Bearings Going Out?

if you are planning to change your rod bearing, if it is the problem, then most likely the easiest way for a mechanic to get to that is from your block, not through the head, meaning they'll take off your oil pan and take out your crankshaft in order to install new bearings. it would probably still require for the engine to be out of the car, but it would depend on a mechanic. but getting a bigger and aluminum oil pan would be nice for engine cooling. www.f22parts.com will have that part, and the rod bearings, if it is the problem.
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Default RE: Rod Bearings Going Out?

i have a F22A6....its the original and it has about 254 thousand on it. i run only mobil 1 in it, and you couldnt pay me to have another mechanic touch it. its fully maintined by me. the check engine light came on once and two seconds after it came on i shut it down and had it put on a flat bed back to my shop (my parents house lol) to have the 02 sensor replaced. i sometimes drive it nice but when i get pissed in traffic the tach never goes below 4000.
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