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94 No start, gas cap related

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Default 94 No start, gas cap related


Car is a 5 speed, 4 cyl Accord with 225K on the clock.

For a long time I've had an intermittent problem with starting. My commute is 23 miles, and therefore the car is fully warmed up. What happens, maybe 2-3 times a month is that I'll stop somewhere on the way home, and if it's a very quick stop, the car will crank, but not start. I've never had a problem if the stop is more than about 5 minutes.

This happened the first time at about 175K miles, at my gas station where I had stopped to check the air in a tire. When I hopped back in, the car wouldn't start, and the gas jockey heard the cranking, came over and told me to loosen the gas cap for a second, retighten it, and hit the key. Fired right up.

So....every time this has happened since, I loosen the gas cap, hear a "whoosh" of air being sucked in, hop back in and it always fires right up.

Bought a new cap a month ago, and it still does it.

Any ideas as to what's going on?

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Do you have any stored codes?

What is the age of the tune up items (cap, rotor, plugs, ect)?

Humor me next time this happens. Turn the key to on/pos II and watch the CEL. It should come on for 2~3 seconds and go off - durning this time, listen for the fuel pump to'll have to have the radio off, blower off and anything else that makes noise.
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Sounds like you're getting a vacuum in the tank and it's affecting the fuel flow to the engine. I would guess it's related to the EVAP system (which includes the gas cap). I took a look in the manual, and the system description is very weak. To make matters worse, the schematic symbols are not what I'm used to (AS1290). The gas cap looks like a double check valve with each check valve going in opposite directions but I think it should allow air in and prevent fuel tank vapors from going out. Did you buy a Honda fuel tank cap?

I'll study up on the EVAP system some more to see if I can make sense of it. In the meantime, have you tried Eric the Car Guy? He's got lots of youtube videos, most are for Hondas.
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Eric the car guy does have some excellant videos and information..give him a try out..

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