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Default !!!!!BIG-QUESTION!!!!!

Ok, i have posted other things up about my 99' Accord LX Sedan with a 5-speed. When i bought the car with 118,000 miles on it, the trans didnt feel... normal... its was oddly stiff. I brought to my friend who owns a mechanic shop and he said the same thing, he told me to change the transmission fluid. So i did... I used Honda MTF. But... when i drained the old fluid out, i noticed that it was RED!!! The Mechanic told me it was definatley ATF, not MTF and i went and put MTF in the car and it ran and shifted fine, really buttery smooth transitions. And then about 1 1/2 weeks ago i noticed it started getting stiff, really stiff. About 3 days ago the transmission went out completely, no gears work, not even reverse. I went to the dealer where i bought the car and they had the service records for the car (the car was bought at this dealer in 1999 and always serviced here) and the Service Advisor gave me the records and told me that the last thing they did to the car was an "Auto-Trans Service" (Operation Code: 50H0ZTU <any Honda mechanics help me out with this number). My shop teacher who is ASE Ceritifed for over 20yrs will testify on my behalf and will testify as a witness to seeing the ATF drained out of the trans. Also the owner of the shop will testify that the car's tranmission was very odd before i took the ATF out. I am going to get notarized statements from them and bring them to the dealer and show them whats up... does anyone think this will work? Will the replace my transmission? It was, after all, there mistake.
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they are going to try not to....you may want to retain counsel and this time and then when you go in with those notorized documents, if they give you any crap at all you whip out his card and say that you spoke with him and that your ready to escalate the situation to whatever level it needs to go to. you need to get a letter from a mechanic that says that the ATF that was put into the transmission DIRECTLY caused the tranny to fail and that it most likely would not have if the correct was was put into it.
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Before you go in and request the tranny from them I would go in and tell them you are looking to sell the car and would like the service records from there... Tell them perhaps the future owner will continue to have it serviced there so they have a vested intrest in getting you the records. Then if it does show Auto-Tranny Service I would get Legal counsel w/documents in hand, consultations are usually free. Once you have a lawyer that says he would take your case if need be I'd go into the Dealership again (don't give them copies of anything, you don't have to yet and be sure your lawyer looks over whatever the mechanic etc. writes) Then ask them what would happen if you put ATF in a MT. If you can get them to draw/write it out you'd be set... Next you can tell them this is what happend and this is why and ask first what they can/will do about it. If they say sorry you're S.O.L. Then tell them that you'd really like to work with them on this if at all possible because you would hate to have to bring in legal counsel. Start small and be nice... It shows in court your willingness to work with them and that you're not malicious. Document EVERYTHING DATES, TIMES, bring someone with you each time too... Then if it does (heaven forbid) go to court you can say Look, I've gone in multiple times and tried to work with them, this time they said this, this time they said this so I had no choice...
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Thanks guys for all the help and suggestions. But i have recently found out that my transmission did not break, those ****ty NAPA axles did. Snapped the male end of the axle into the half shaft. But i am still going to see what they can do about it. If the transmission isn't blown then i am wondering if i can still do anything about it because my trans is still pretty stiff.
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Good luck trying to get them to fix your stiff tranny. Maybe get some redline MTF. It might help loosen it up.

Sounded like an axle problem to me
ATF wouldn't kill every gear like that all at once, if it even would kill any gear. Still shouldn't use it though... Stupid mechanic. I wonder what they put in your 710??
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